A little to the left


Too many ads, unplayable. Where’s ad free?

This game is a blast on the computer or switch. I’d be happy khổng lồ buy it here to lớn enjoy the same trò chơi experience, but there’s not an option khổng lồ buy an ad-free version and being pelted with ads is kind of the opposite of relaxing. You can’t even turn on airplane mode lớn play it ad free - it won’t load without being able to download the ads. It’s unplayable like this.

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Too many ads :(

This is an amazing game, I love playing it. It would be such a nice way to lớn decompress and relax if it didn’t have a timer, and so many ads…I tried to play this game during my lunch break và it would just irritate me và stress me out due khổng lồ the timer và the ads. I understand ads being added when you want a hint, but to địa chỉ cửa hàng time or to continue lớn play after you mess up is really upsetting. It’s either you thua trận progress, & start over, or you watch a 30 second ad to keep the progress và continue with a minute extra. When I first downloaded it, I didn’t bother khổng lồ look at the reviews and figured it wouldn’t have ads because it’s a trò chơi to play khổng lồ relax, but I was wrong. I wouldn’t even mind paying to remove the ads, but that’s not an option. I really hope there will be some changes in the future regarding the ads.

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This is a great game...

If it just had more time! 2 minutes is not enough for these puzzles, and I’m stuck on one (the bathroom level) already. The hints did great, but you have to lớn watch a 45 second ad to lớn get them. On this level, I get EVERY DETAIL they want me lớn organize, wash the mirrors, etc. But it just isn’t letting me pass! Done this about 10 times, and when you watch an 50 second ad about migraine medicine over và over, it’s not fun. It’s also very complicated, hard to lớn solve without a hint. Và there should be a setting to lớn turn off that timer too, since it’s so short và stressful. I lượt thích the idea và the aesthetic of this game, and I also LOVE puzzles, but it’s just so hard and exact. Please maybe try khổng lồ fix this because I don’t want khổng lồ delete this game.

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