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2018 just proved that Ba Na Hills, if not the must-see place in Da Nang, then it’s certainly the most attractive right now. The opening of Golden Bridge has given Ba Na hills the popularity like never before. But if you don’t know much about Ba Na Hills other than the Golden Bridge, then our article will help you to lớn spkết thúc a wonderful day here. Are you ready?

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Ba Na Hills Overview

Located just 35 kilometers away from Da Nang đô thị on Nui Chua mountain, Ba Na Hills is a favorite resort and tourist destination to domestic và foreign travelers alượt thích. Enjoying a cool & moderate climate, Ba Na Hill station was praised as ‘Da Lat of Da Nang city’ ever since the hill station’s inauguration in 1919, built by the French colonists.

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Ba Na Hills Danang tourism map

The name ‘Ba Na’ comes from Katu language of the local ethnic minority group residing in the area, which means ‘my mountain’. Nowadays, Ba Na Hills have sầu turned inkhổng lồ a totally top-notch tourist complex, constructed by Sun World Corporation. Coming to lớn Ba Na Hills, you have the chance khổng lồ admire the finest French architecture & enjoy most exciting entertainments.

* There are three parts of Ba Na Hills:

Lower part: Linch Ung Pagoda, Le Jardin D’Amour Garden, Debay Cellar, Golden Bridge,…

Upper part: French Village, Fantasy Park,…

Mountaintop: Tru Vu Tea Corner, Spiritual Zone,…

Area at the foot of the mountain

When coming khổng lồ Ba Na Hills, first visitors will meet the area at the foot of the mountain. This area includes Food Court – Shopping (1), Ticketing Counter (2), Hoi An Restaurant (3), Suoi Mo Station (4) và Suoi Mo (5). Guests can rest, eat và cửa hàng at the Food – Shopping area or Hoi An Restaurant. After that, take the road to lớn visit Mo Stream.

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Ba Na Hill peak area

View more: Ba Na Hills tourist area.

From Morin Station area, tourists follow the road leading to Ba Na Hills. Located on the top of Ba Na Hill is the Linh Linh Spirit Temple. The location of the Temple is lượt thích the place where “earth và sky intersect, yin và yang converge”. Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple, a deity to protect and protect Ba Na l&.

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