The best bars in danang, vietnam

Whether you are staying for a couple of days or a longer period of time, at one point you will want lớn go out for a couple of drinks and enjoy the các buổi party scene in domain authority Nang.

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Luckily there are lots of options khổng lồ choose from & every single one of them has its own chất lượng qualities. These are the best places for a night out in domain authority Nang.


This cozy reggae-themed bar is located in the An Thuong area and has become very popular amongst both expats và locals. Due to its location, Minsk Bar is the perfect place khổng lồ relax with a few cold beers or play some foosball with friends after a long day at the beach.

Although the presence of Bob Marley murals và Jamaican colours would suggest it, reggae music is not the main genre played here. Instead, you will hear a nice set from rock classics lớn some softer EDM music.

Address: tử vi ngũ hành Sơn, Mỹ An, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam


On the Radio Bar


A new “The Holiday” Beach Club has finished establishing right at My Khe Beach. This is an awesome place to lớn spend your chất lượng time in the weekend or enjoy a drink after work. The Holiday Beach Club makes a nice contribution khổng lồ the My Khe Beach and a great asset for Danang beach tourism. If you are looking for a great place khổng lồ relax, to dine, to swim – vì not forget to lớn try it out!

There is a daily flamenco performace from 6pm-9pm.

Tips: order the cocktails

Address: 300 Vo Nguyen Giap, Ngu hanh Son Dist, My Khe Beachside, Danang


Simple Man Bar


Simple Man is located just next to The Golden Pine but aimed at a more mature crowd. The music styles are diverse & we have had drinks to a whole night of Boney M., as well as Vietnamese rock music from the 70s, German house or American punk rock à la Green Day.

Friendly staff, good cocktails and overall welcoming atmosphere are what makes Simple Man one of our favourite bars in da Nang.

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Tips: There is also World Cup 2018 large Screen TV sharing for who is tín đồ of football.

Address: 56 Tran Phu, hai Chau Dist, da Nang


Bamboo Bar domain authority Nang

A good place khổng lồ meet other expats

Bamboo Bar 2 has become the most popular expat hangout in da Nang over the years. So much so that the ground floor is usually overcrowded with no tables or seats available for newcomers. If you don’t like Electronic Dance Music however, then Bamboo Bar is one of the few places in the city centre you will be able lớn enjoy.

The vị trí cao nhất floor is equipped with pool tables & a great seating area with good views of the Han River and the long Bridge which makes this place a good starting point for a night out in domain authority Nang.

Address: 216 Bạch Đằng, Phước Ninh, Đà Nẵng

Sky 36

Enjoy the best views in da Nang while sipping on delicious cocktails

The most popular rooftop bar in domain authority Nang is located at Novotel & offers stunning views of the Han River và the dragon bridge. With cocktails starting at 120.000 VND , a night at Sky 36 can get a little pricey real quick. It’s totally worth checking this place out for the view alone, even if you are on a budget.

Address: 36th Floor, Novotel Hotel, Bạch Đằng st, nhị Chau Dist, da Nang


Golden Pine

The Golden Pine is probably one of the most famous bars in da Nang. Loud electronic music and cheap drinks are what attracts the mostly young crowd to spend their nights here. On busy nights, patrons are blocking half the road outside the bar which makes for an interesting sight, especially since The Golden Pine is one of the few clubs in da Nang, where people actually dance.

Address: Next to Starbuck Bach Dang, nhị Chau Dist, domain authority Nang


OQ Lounge Pub

‘’The DJs at OQ Bar know their stuff’’

We were a little bit irritated by the lighting at first but the good music provided by the DJs and DJanes as well as the friendly staff have made us come back to OQ Bar many, many times.

OQ Bar is great as the last place to visit during a night out. Sitting by the bar you are close khổng lồ the DJ box and can watch the bar tenders juggling – more or less successfully – cocktail mixers. The atmosphere is really special và makes you feel as if you are partying amongst friends.

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