The 10 best restaurants in ho chi minh city

Vietnam giới has long laid clalặng khổng lồ some of Southeast Asia’s most complex cuisines. In Ho Chi Minch City, a walk through any neighborhood will fill you with intoxicating aromas of countless dishes spilling from street carts or open homes. In the city’s center, as District 1 has blossomed inkhổng lồ the core of a globalized Vietnam giới, another layer has been added to lớn the already rich food culture. Restaurants with far-reaching influences have sầu opened and transformed Ho Chi Minh into lớn a mecca of international tastes just waiting to be explored.

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Hoa Tuc Saigon offers a contemporary spin on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Hidden down an alley in a pretty colonial-era building, it can be difficult to lớn decide what’s better here, the ambiance or the food. The Parisian front garden offers one of Saigon’s finest alfresteo dining experiences. The cuisine is splendid—classic Vietnamese ingredients transformed into lớn something modern and exciting. Hoa Tuc also hosts some of the most interesting cooking classes in Saigon.


It’s said that sight is our most powerful sense. Remove sầu that and everything else improves. That’s the belief at Noir. Dining in the Dark anyway. Perhaps Saigon’s most unique restaurant, Noir offers something most people have never experienced before—a meal with absolutely no light. You’ll be in good hands; the waiters here are blind and a bit more accustomed lớn the surroundings. The experience is as interesting as the food is tasty—an exquisite blend phối of Eastern và Western. In fact, it’s so good that the owners have opened a second restaurant named Blanc right next door. Just don’t try lớn say anything once inside; Blanc is sign language only.


The best steak in Saigon. El Gaumang đến is a mouth-watering good time, serving up large portions of succulent beef. With four floors và an extensive sầu menu, this steakhouse can be a bit overwhelming at first, yet the aromas alone will quickly put you at ease. Pepper, chimichurri, or xanh cheese sauces are delightful additions khổng lồ an expertly grilled 300-gram steak. While the price tag at the kết thúc of the night may shoông chồng you, that tender, marbled ribeye settling in your belly will remind you that it’s OK to splurge every once in a while. Located along Hai Ba Trung, El Goumang đến is consistently packed, so make sure to lớn Điện thoại tư vấn ahead.


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Just a bloông chồng from Notre Dame Cathedral, Propaganda serves fabulous traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Any meal here starts best with one of the many spring roll options—the duông chồng and spicy ginger fish sauce is a favorite. For a main, try the juicy BBQ pork and a glass of red wine from the very food-friendly menu. The walls of Propaganda are lined with colorful murals depicting traditional Vietnamese life & bring a certain cấp độ of liveliness & excitement to the establishment. Frequented mainly by tourists, the prices are a bit above sầu average.


Brvà new and very modest, this hole in the wall on Vo Van Viet has already developed quite a following in Saigon. El Sđắm say serves traditional Syrian cuisine from meat shawarma, lớn falafel or tabbouleh—all attractively prepared. The ingredients are either locally sourced or actually flown in from Syria. The fresh veggies are a welcome sight for vegetarians in a đô thị where eating out can be notoriously difficult. Meats are prepared over a large grill just outside the restaurant’s front door. The decor is simple & a bit bland, yet the abundance of heart-healthy delicious options will keep you coming bachồng for more.

Secret Garden feels more lượt thích a home cooked meal than eating out. After you make the five-floor trek up, this romantic rooftop experience will indulge your taste buds in traditional Vietnamese fare. Dishes are served in tasteful pottery. A pleasant atmospheric environment creates a laid-back vibe in this outdoor space. Secret Garden is a set of locals và tourists, & the prices are very reasonable.

Looming over the canal, Xien Khe is a terrific place khổng lồ start or finish a night. Wind your way up the narrow baông chồng staircase, và find a table on the open-air third floor. As the sun sets and the temperature drops, Saigon’s weather becomes shockingly pleasant. The refreshing breeze makes this an incredibly enjoyable place khổng lồ grab a dollar beer, some quiông chồng traditional Vietnamese food, & lớn watch the thành phố go by. With an abundance of dives, this stretch of Hoang Sa is a great area khổng lồ bar hop well off the beaten path.

Hands down, the best burger in Saigon. Soul Burger can be a bit tough to lớn find, but if you put in the effort, you won’t be disappointed. This narrow burger joint occupies the second floor of an unremarkable building, directly opposite of Ben Thanh hao Market. Only accessible through a narrow, dimly lit hallway that runs alongside a Vietnamese noodle restaurant, Soul Burger brings a char broiled Kansas City flavor lớn Ho Chi Minch. Take a seat at the balcony overlooking the market & stuff your face with artery-clogging goodness.

Just off Nguyen Hue, Tandoor has been serving up the best Indian food in Saigon for nearly trăng tròn years. Each dish is an expertly crafted medley of flavor & spice—a modern spin on authentic Indian. The chicken vindaloo is a fan favorite, sure lớn make you leave happy. Reasonably priced for such chất lượng grub, Tandoor is a nice place to stop by while exploring Saigon.

No list would be complete without the obligatory pho joint. Synonymous with Vietphái mạnh, this piping hot bowl of rich broth, oxtail, diced scallions, rice noodles, herbs, & spices is consumed for breakfast, lunch, & dinner by the rich và poor alượt thích, và Pho Bo Vien Thap Cam serves up an immaculate bowl. This may be the best bowl of pho in town.

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