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Sapa is always an attractive tourist destination for international tourists. Coming khổng lồ Sapa at any time of the year, visitors will also be able khổng lồ admire the majestic & immense mountain scenery in addition lớn the quality local culture.

1. Introduction to Sapa

SaPa is a highland town of Lao Cai province, located in the northwest of Vietnam. Therefore, Sa page authority has a subtropical climate, but due lớn its high altitude, the air is cool all year round.The weather in the town has four seasons in a day in the summer. It’s spring weather in the morning, at noon it’s lượt thích summer, usually with mild sunshine, cool climate.In the afternoon, there are clouds and dew falling, creating a cold feeling of autumn và the night of falling is the cold of winter. The average annual air temperature of Sapa is 15 °C.

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In summer, the town does not have khổng lồ suffer from the harsh sun lượt thích the coastal plain, about 13 °C – 15 °C at night và 20 °C – 25 °C during the day.

Winter is usually cloudy & cold, the temperature sometimes drops below 0 °C, sometimes it snows. The average annual rainfall here ranges from 1.800 to 2.200 mm, most concentrated in the period from May to August.


Beauty of azalea flower in SaPa

2. Best time lớn go to lớn Sapa

The best time to visit SaPa is from March lớn May và August khổng lồ October, especially in April and September.

March to lớn May

At the end of spring & early summer, the weather is dry và sunny, very suitable for trekking và other outdoor activities in Sa Pa.

Enjoy the wonderful view when you are hiking in the mountains with perfect temperature; not too hot and not too cold. With clear và clear skies, you have great photo opportunities.

In addition to lớn the beautiful weather and verdant landscape, this is also the season of flowers. Around this time, the scenery of Sapa as a full color picture: the pastel color of the Cherry Blossoms, the pure white of the Rum flower, or the vibrant pink from the ancient persimmon species, and Do Quyen typical flowers of the mountains & forests. Or thousands of other flowers.

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The lovely beauty of cherry blossoms

August khổng lồ October

Like the seasonal change from spring khổng lồ summer, autumn from September to November is considered by many to lớn be the most ideal time lớn have the best Sapa tours. Again, the weather was stable with warm, clear days & cool nights.

The dry weather makes walking easier. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll under the endless golden rice fields laden with grain after several months of near-constant watering.


Harvest time in SaPa

One outstanding cultural activity is Vietnam’s traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which usually takes place in September of the solar calendar.

In Sapa, the night of 11-15 is the occasion of the full moon festival. Here are many interesting activities organized by Sapa district where the main characters are the girls và boys of the compatriots.

You will be immersed in the music space, the bustle, which can be mentioned as the lantern procession going around town, lion dance, …


Impressive festival of lights

3. Some notes when visiting Sapa at this time

Sapa weather is often chilly, especially in the evening và early morning. So in addition to bringing light clothes, you should prepare yourself with thin coats lớn wear when needed.

In particular, comfortable sports shoes are also very good for visitors’ trekking.

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