Motorbike: ha giang to cao bang



Enjoy a comfort oto ride all the way from Ha Giang lớn Cao Bang và Ba Be!



Your tour guide & driver will pickup you at 7.30 AM at your hotel lobby và will arrive sầu in Ha Giang around 1:30PM. Then check-in homestay & enjoy your free time there by walking around to lớn visit some local families và explore its landscape. You can also trek lớn Ha Thanh khô waterfall và enjoy the great view here.

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Overnight at a local bungalow.

After having breakfast, you will continue with your adventure, reaching Quan Ba twin mountain & Heaven’s Gate.

Your adventure will continue lớn H’Mong King Palace which was a royal family of high rank during French colonial rule – this palace attracts keen interest from architecturally minded visitors due to lớn its mixed style of European và Chinese architecture. 

Then visit Lung Cu National Flag Northern pole where is super closed to Trung Quốc border gate.

Overnight at a hotel in Dong Van town. 

07.30 AM: start the day off with breakfast & a visit khổng lồ Ma Pi Leng Pass khổng lồ give sầu you a chance to lớn immerse in the magnificent and spectacular views. Lunch will be served at a local family. Before taking a boat trip, let start và warm up yourself today with a trek around stunning Spypath road to lớn a Flower H’mong mỏi village where you can reach the peak of Ma Pi Leng mount. Trek through rocky mountains and you will be surprised of the local survival on rock. In the afternoon, if the weather is nice, our driver and guide will then transfer you khổng lồ Meo Vac where you will have sầu a great opportunity khổng lồ take a boat tour along the Nho Que River. That will be a great quality experience. Overnight at a khách sạn in Meo Vac.


NOTE: Please note that there will be rainy sometimes và there will be too much water in the river & which causes dangerous if we travel on the river under the heavy rain. We must skip the Nho Que boat trip và go walking to lớn visit a White H’mong mỏi village on skypath on Ma Pi Leng peak.

It will be a long drive sầu from Meo Vac to lớn Cao Bang therefore, we will not stop much on the way. There will be a short trek in the middle of the way for you khổng lồ enjoy the landscape & learn more about the locals around.

Please feel không tính tiền to lớn ask if you want khổng lồ stop somewhere else in between. Once you arrive in Cao Bang, you then check-in your khách sạn and take a walk around the town.

You will depart for one of the biggest waterfalls in Vietphái mạnh. Nestled amongst these amazing landscapes of Trung Khanh hao is the breath-taking Ban Gioc Waterfall, which spans over 300 meters, split half & half between Vietphái nam and China. You’ll get some time here to simply take in the amazing atmosphere surrounding the falls, which presents an excellent opportunity for some fantastic photography.

Nguom Ngao cave sầu is a must-see place once you arrive in Cao Bang. The cave sầu of 300 million years old is a valuable gift of nature spending for this wonderful land. Tourists explore Nguom Ngao cave sầu for its mysterious space created by marvelous stalactites on one side and an interesting legend behind the special name. The cave owns a total length of nearly 2200m with three gates and thousands of small grottos. Overnight at a homestay here. 

After enjoying breakfast in your homestay family, visit Phuc Sen forging village. It is said that this village was established in the 11 th century. In the early days, the villagers produced weapons for the soldiers of Nung Ton Phuc & Nung Tri Cao lớn fight against the Song army. After the war, they made farm and domestic tools such as ploughs, hoes, knives & scissors. It is also said that the villagers used lớn cast cannons and grenade casings, especially during the resistance war against French colonialism. Thus, this craft village has a long tradition of forging.

After spending time in the big waterfall, you will depart lớn Ba Be & spend your night in Pac Ngoi.

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Today, it is a special day for you to learn more about different ethnic minority groups in Bac Kan. Within a day, your guide will take và introduce you khổng lồ 3 different ethnic groups. You will see the difference in their dress, culture, behavior… They belong khổng lồ Dzao, H/Mong & Tay group. It will be a perfect day khổng lồ interact with local people and enjoy the peaceful villages over the rice terrace or hidden in the jungle.

Also chilling at Ba Be Lake on an exciting boat trip.

Explore this wonderful natural lake located in Ba Be National Park on a boat trip. You will discover beautiful và dramatic landscapes & authentic culture. You will travel on our local boat on the Ba Be Lake first visiting the Puong Cave, famous for its thousands of bats. You will continue down the Nang river to see the Dau Dang Waterfall before having lunch at a nearby village restaurant on the banks of the river.

Overnight at the same homestay.

Breakfast will be served at 07:30 before setting off for your exciting day in Ba Be National Park.

After breakfast at the homestay, we will vì cycling to lớn experience the Ba Be forest at close quarters. You will cycle by the slow flowing river, gaze in awe at the dramatic mountains & valleys và natural caves và may enjoy a little bird and butterfly spotting with romantic rice fields around. The national park is trang chính to countless numbers of flora & faumãng cầu. On the way, we will pay a visit to Hua Ma cave sầu, only recently accessible, as few locals would enter due lớn ancient beliefs. The cave sầu has thousands of stalactites & stalagmites & is still very atmospheric. Then depart baông xã to lớn Hanoi. The tour ends in Hanoi at your khách sạn. 

Itinerary subject to change or cancellation due khổng lồ weather conditions.

Included: Ground transport, English-speaking guide, accommodation, activities & meals mentioned above sầu. Not included: Airfares, visa fees, travel insurance, gratuities, personal expenses và all other services not clearly mentioned above sầu.


We give local people employment, income và learning opportunities so they are directly involved in your tourism experience. Our guides và hosts will give sầu you a special insight inkhổng lồ culture và life in Vietphái mạnh.


We ayên ổn khổng lồ minimise the negative sầu impacts of tourism on the environment and the local community while contributing positively lớn local economies. We don’t just talk responsible tourism, we act!

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10% of all profits from our tours go towards a community fund. This money allows us to lớn make infrastructure improvements and provide other important resources khổng lồ those in need.


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