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I'm traveling solo in March và am wondering what the absolute cheapest way is from Hoi An lớn the Da Nang Airport, và yes, I did try the search function :)

It looks lượt thích I will be getting a private car from the airport to lớn Hoi An with a stop at Marble Mtns. on the way in, so what are my options for getting back other than a xe taxi or having the hotel arrange a car? Even if it takes a little longer than the standard ride I would be ok with that.

Thank you very much for your help!


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How much baggage vày you have? You can vày this on the bachồng of a motor with your backpachồng over the front of the motor for less than $5.00 US if you are not carrying too much. Otherwise a hired car or xe taxi from Hoi An to lớn the Airport will be about $15.00 (depending on the exchange rate & where you are staying if you want the khách sạn to arrange the transportation). Of course there is the bus at very, very little cost và you can check the schedule in Hoi và at the bus station for times and exact costs.

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Thanks for your reply! I'm aftraid I may have too much baggage for a moto lớn (you bởi vì mean motorcycle, right?). I will have sầu my 20 kilogam backpachồng, & a smaller backpack at the very least. I'd be a bit worried going all that way on the baông xã of a motorcycle I think.

Do you know where the bus station in Hoi An is located. That could be a good option if they allow baggage. Thanks again!

Of course the buses allow baggage. The long trip ones are usually the kind that have luggage hatches underneath.

I'm not sure there is a bus "station" as such, as the bus we arrived on terminated at a hotel. If you ask you hotel khổng lồ organise you a bus ticket they will vị so and tell you where to meet the bus.

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Hi, would like lớn know how you went about arranging a private car deom Danang airport lớn Hoi An as we are planning to travel this route in March. Many thanks.

If you ask your hotel in Hoi An (assuming you've sầu booked one) they will arrange a private car (or really anything your heart desires that's legal :-) ) with no hassle. Otherwise you willl have khổng lồ liên hệ a travel agency in Hoi An or Da Nang to arrange it.

WA_girlPerthWA, I just sent you a PM about arranging a private car. As others mentioned your hotel can arrange it for you as well.

Everyone thanks for your replies. Looks like I'll take the bus baông chồng lớn Da Nang Airport!

hey u can get the local bus from Hoi An lớn Da Nang with 10,000 VND. ask the people there where is the local bus station and go lớn there. Sometimes, foreigners will be more expensive 10,000 VND

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