Web check in


For your fast and comfort in check-in at the airport, Bamboo Airways sets up self check-in counter called Kiosk Check-in with following instructions:

1.1 Step 1: Retrieve PNR:

– cảm ứng on screen.

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– Select language:

Tiếng ViệtEnglish

– Select “Check-in”


– At check-in step

Select Continue: to proceed procedureSelect Cancel: khổng lồ stop check-in


– Select “Continue”, Kiosk check-in switch khổng lồ the Check-in screen with the following options lớn retrieve reservation information:

Passenger number record (PNR)E-ticket numberScan code (QR code on ticket)



1.2 Step 2: Retrieve itinerary & passenger info

– After retrieving successfully PNR, ticket number, Kiosk screen show itinerary in the ticket including:

Flight itineraryFlight numberFlight dateScheduled time of departure, arrival (STD-STA)Flight timingCountdown time to lớn departure

– Select flight to lớn check-in.


– Select all or each passenger to lớn check-in.


– The screen will display “Important flight infomation”.

– You should read và accept to continue.


1.3 Step 3: Select in-flight seat:

– At the screen of selecting in-flight seat, you can select seat for each passenger:

– Select “Select seat” to xuất hiện seat map, then select seat for each passenger.

– Or select “Skip” to lớn bypass “Select seat”, The system shall allocate automatically passengers to lớn empty in-flight seats.



– For those who pre-select seat, “select seat” screen shall display pre-selected seats, you cannot change in this case.

– You check-in at Kiosk check-in, only could select green-displayed seats, standard seats for those use Kiosk check-in.

Touch each passenger to select proper seat

The system displays confirmed notification of seat number

1.4 Step 4: input BBC points and bonus points:

– After finishing Step 3: select in-flight seat, the screen shall switch to lớn the step of inputting Bamboo Club membership number and accumulate points for passenger (if the passenger hasn’t input card number upon time of paying ticket).

– cảm ứng the box to input thẻ number.

– bbc card number only includes serial numbers, excludes qh code.

– After inputting card number, then select “Enter” on screen khổng lồ confirm thẻ number.

Correct thẻ number: the system displays green color with signal .Wrong thẻ number: the system displays warning red notice: “Membership number is invalid”.


– Select “Finish” after inputting thẻ number or bypass if you don’t have membership card.

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1.5 Step 5: Finish:

– The last step before finish check-in via Kiosk.

– The system shall display “Finish” so that you can cross-check and confirm all info:

Travel informationFlight numberFlight date, timeQuantity and names of passengers finish check-in via Kiosk.Seat numberDeparture gate number (if any)On-board time.

– After confirming all above information, without assistance from Airline staff or ground service, select “Printing boarding pass

– The system shall automatically print và you can collect boarding pass & finish check-in via Kiosk check-in.

“Check-in Done”

Printing queue screen

Collecting boarding pass

Finish check-in

– Kiosk check-in allows website check-in và Mobile check-in, then print boarding pass with once only.

– Re-printing function does not tư vấn for those who have checked-in at Kiosk check-in & check-in counter.

2.1 Step 1: Retrieve PNR

– Refer khổng lồ steps at 1.1

2.2 Step 2: Select flight and you need lớn re-print boarding pass

– After retrieving PNR successfully, the screen shows a danh sách of valid flights, you choose your flight for re-printing boarding pass.


– Select “Continue” to open passenger infomation.


– Select the passenger for re-printing boarding pass.

2.3 Step 3: Confirm information và re-printing boarding pass

– “Boarding summary” screen displays:

ItineraryFlight numberFlight date, timeQuantity & names of checked-in passengers.Seat numberBoarding gate (if any)Boarding time.

– You confirm infomation & select “Print boarding pass” for printing.

– Kiosk shall automatically print.

– Finish printing.


Pending step for printing

Notification for collecting boarding pass

Finish printing


Some cases may arise during the use of Kiosk:

– The screen shall be turned off automatically after 30 seconds without touching.

– If you finish selecting seat, on-going with inputting đài truyền hình bbc number & slow processing over 30 seconds, the screen screen shall be turned off automatically but checked-in process is still successful without boarding pass due to lớn unfinished check-in. You should come to check-in counter of Bamboo Airways lớn print boarding pass. (Kiosk does not support to re-print boarding pass for those who proceeded at Kiosk).

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