Anchored by the historic Cholon neighborhood, Ho Chi Minch City has an abundant và growing number of Chinese restaurants. From ducks hanging in the front windows of decades-old family-run eateries hidden down charming Chinatown alleyways khổng lồ the colorfully complex noodle dishes making their way from state-of-the-art kitchens in some of Saigon’s poshest buildings, these are your best bets for eating Chinese in Saigon.

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One of the newer faces in town, Lee’s serves up a variety of tasty noodle dishes in one of Saigon’s most western neighborhoods. The prawn & pork dumplings are delicious and the roast duông chồng mouth watering, yet at Lee’s it’s really the noodles that steal the show. Each dish can be ordered dry và then tossed in a sesame oil or as a soup with steaming pork broth.


Tan Nguyen Tnhì is known locally by Western expats, Chinese, & Vietnamese alike to lớn have sầu some of the best dumplings in town. A towering menu sitting on top of red & yellow signage will let you know you’ve sầu made it to this always-packed hole in the wall in Saigon’s historic Cholon neighborhood. This should be a stop on any food lover’s visit to Vietnam giới. The menu is as extensive as it is delicious, featuring nearly a dozen pages of steamed or pan fried dumplings. Come with friends so you can try as much as possible.


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Located just outside the madness of central Saigon, Ocean Palace is one of the best higher-end Chinese options in town. The thực đơn is geared more toward seafood with options lượt thích prawn dumplings and shrimp pancakes. However, their meat & vegetarian options are great as well. The roast duck is crispy và expertly marinated.


In operation for over đôi mươi years now, Tien Phat is a Hong Kong joint dropped inkhổng lồ the midst of Vietnam’s oldest Chinatown. The menu is similarly extensive khổng lồ that of Tan Nguyen Tnhì, & the ambiance is cozy, casual & authentic. The steamed pork & crab dumplings are some of our favorite in the whole đô thị.


Located on the second floor of the Saigon Sheraton, Li Bai boasts some of the best and most expensive Chinese food in the region. The Beijing Duông xã is widely regarded as one of the, if not the, tastiest in the city, và the Dlặng sum list is never ending. With such a high-end location, it’s no surprise that the service is great and ambiance pleasant.

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