5 ways to travel from da nang to hoi an in 2023


Most forms of transport to lớn Hoi An originate from the thành phố of domain authority Nang. It’s the largest đô thị in Central Vietnam and is widely known as Vietnam’s “most liveable city.” It’s well phối up for the many tourists that converge here—the majority having the tourist town of Hoi An on their agenda.

Hoi An is only 30 kilometres from domain authority Nang. Depending on your chosen mode of transport, it can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes to get here. There are plenty of transport options to choose from, & fortunately for you, Hidden’s tried them all.

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We’ve chosen two main arrival points, domain authority Nang Airport, và Da Nang Train Station. Listed below are a variety of detailed transport options to help you make the best choice for getting from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An.


Getting lớn Hoi An from domain authority Nang Airport:Da Nang Airport to Hoi An by BusGetting lớn Hoi An from domain authority Nang Train Station:

Getting lớn Hoi An from da Nang Airport:

If you’re coming into Hoi An by plane, then you will land at domain authority Nang International Airport. It is a newly renovated airport of international standards. It has two terminals—Domestic & International and easily accessible không tính phí wifi is available throughout the airport.

There are several options for transportation from here depending on your needs & budget. Below, Hidden goes into the details of each option so you can get off the plane and start your holiday with ease.

Everyone Can Fly! An aeroplane bringing passengers into domain authority Nang Airport. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Private Car

Compared khổng lồ other international destinations, private cars are remarkably affordable in Vietnam. For the majority of people, the cost difference between other more laborious ways of travel is negligible. It’s often much easier to pay a small amount more for the vast increase in service level and the stress-free nature. If you are travelling as a couple the price is quite comparable;

And if you are a family or large group, this is probably the most convenient and cheapest option ahead of a xe taxi or shuttle. After a long haul flight never underestimate the relief of seeing a driver with a personalised sign và a trolley ready khổng lồ greet you straight off your flight—keep your sanity!

There are numerous resources available for booking a private vehicle from da Nang airport to lớn Hoi An. They can be easily booked through most hotels or homestays, so after booking your stay in Hoi An, make sure to contact your accommodation lớn arrange a private vehicle.

As a back-up or khổng lồ compare rates, both Hoi An Express & Get Your Guide offer private cars & can be booked online through their website. You can book ahead of time online through Hoi An Express here, or through Get Your Guide here.

The overpass at domain authority Nang Airport is decorated with bold murals. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Private Transfer oto Prices

Prices can vary per khách sạn or booking agent and will also depend on the kích thước of the vehicle. On average, a 4-seat sedan costs around 220,000 khổng lồ 500,000 VND (9.5 khổng lồ 22 USD), a 7-seat SUV costs around 385,000 khổng lồ 600,000 VND (16.50 lớn 26 USD), and a 12-16-seat van costs around 500,000 to lớn 1 million VND (22 lớn 44 USD).

If you are walking around the đô thị of domain authority Nang, you will no doubt notice numerous signs advertising private transport options to Hoi An for around 250,000 to lớn 300,000 VND (11 khổng lồ 13 USD). This is the case going in the opposite direction as well, from Hoi An to da Nang airport. Make sure that if you book with one of these advertised companies, you establish a pickup location, time, and price, & have them give you a booking receipt upon payment.

A plane in the sky over domain authority Nang. Photo: wnfdiary

Hoi An Express Airport Shuttle

An even cheaper yet still convenient option is for a Hoi An Express minibus khổng lồ pick you up directly from the airport & bring you to Hoi An. A representative will meet you on arrival at the airport holding a sign with your name on it. This takes away any confusion of finding the bus outside và makes the process seamless. The cost per person is 110,000 VND (4.70 USD), & the shuttle runs every hour from 5.a.m to 11.p.m. Again, this can be booked ahead of time online through Hoi An Express here, or through Get Your Guide here.

It is also possible to book on the spot although a seat is not guaranteed. This option is also available in the reverse direction, from Hoi An to domain authority Nang airport, whether you are staying near the beach or near the old town. They will pick you up directly from your hotel. The shuttle bus runs every hour from 4.a.m lớn 10.p.m from Hoi An to domain authority Nang.

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Hidden Hint: Unless you are travelling solo, the cost of a private oto or xe taxi are not far off this price—remember when you use a shuttle you pay per person

A photo of da Nang Airport arrivals. Photo: wnfdiary


Taxis are everywhere outside the airport. They will most likely be waving you down rather than vice-versa. If you take a taxi, make sure that they use their meter & it is working correctly upon entering the cab, or you agree upon a price before leaving. The average price is anywhere from 450,000 to lớn 600,000 VND (19 to lớn 26 USD). If it is a larger vehicle, it could be even higher.

Hidden Hint: Mai Linh xe taxi also has a downloadable app for your điện thoại cảm ứng where you can plug in your destination (right down to khách sạn name). There will be a number of taxis at the airport so you don’t necessarily need lớn book using this app,

but it will give you an estimated fare which gives you more negotiating power. If you choose to book via the phầm mềm take cảnh báo of the license plate of the taxi on your booking so you can match it to the correct driver.

The exterior of da Nang Airport against a bright xanh sky. Photo: wnfdiary

Grab (ride sharing app)

Today with smartphones, you can save yourself some cash with rideshare apps. In the da Nang & Hoi An area this company is Grab. It has a downloadable tiện ích for your smartphone. It offers options for a Grab motorbike (if you packed light) for around 117,000 VND (5 USD). A Grab taxi or 4-door sedan for 350,000 to 450,000 VND (15 khổng lồ 19 USD). Or finally Grab XL 360,000 to lớn 480,000 VND (15 to đôi mươi USD). The price varies depending on traffic and time of the day. However it is a set price upfront, so there isn’t room for any misinterpretation.

The domain authority Nang lớn Hoi An bus at Hoi An bus station. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Da Nang Airport to Hoi An by Bus

If you’re on a budget, this is the way lớn go, as it is the cheapest route of transport from da Nang to Hoi An và vice-versa. There are a couple of different bus options, but the cheapest option is the local bus, albeit the most complicated. Domain authority Nang has a local bus line (also known as the yellow bus) that takes you lớn Hoi An, with various stops along the way. This, of course, will take a little longer to get your destination.

Hidden Hint: The local bus does not have air-conditioning which might be all just a little too much for you after a long flight.

The domain authority Nang lớn Hoi An bus map

The da Nang bus station is located about 4 kilometres away from the airport. You need khổng lồ take the #1 bus to get from domain authority Nang to lớn Hoi An. Unless you want a really good sweat, walking 4 kilometres is not ideal with backpacks and suitcases. You can take a Grab or xe taxi for about 20,000 VND (.85c USD) from the airport to the bus station.

Address For Bus Stop

The closest bus stop lớn the airport is located at 411 Dien Bien Phu. If you take the bus from this stop ensure you are on the #1 bus from domain authority Nang lớn Hoi An because multiple buses stop here going to lớn different destinations. The bus will drop you off in Hoi An at a bus station at 67 Nguyen Tat Thanh.

This is about 1.5 kilometres outside of the town, but Hoi An is small. It is easy to walk 15 minutes into the town centre or grab a taxi depending on where you are staying and the kích thước of your luggage.

The bus stop for the No. 1 bus to Hoi An can be found at 411 Dien Bien Phu in domain authority Nang. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

The price on the da Nang Bus website & the sign above the bus driver, state the fare is 16,000 VND (.70c USD) per person. Unfortunately, this bus route often overcharges tourists insisting you pay 50,000 VND (2 USD).

You basically have two options: pay the tourist price, considering you’re indeed not a local, and it is only about an extra dollar; or give exact change as per what the website states—20,000 VND (.85c USD) & accept your 4,000 VND loss (0.20c USD). If you decide to take option 2, then point out the sign và give them the exact amount.

The #1 bus runs from da Nang to Hoi An every đôi mươi minutes from 5:30 a.m. To lớn 5:50 p.m. Daily.

Tourist Bus

If you decide khổng lồ spend some time in da Nang before going khổng lồ Hoi An, you’ll quickly notice the abundance of travel agencies và guesthouses offering multiple bus options. There are open-tour buses (hop-on, hop-off style) that run up và down the coast daily. These include other cities such as Hue, Nha Trang, da Lat, as well as Hoi An. If you just want khổng lồ take a tourist bus direct to lớn Hoi An, two reputable bus companies offer two buses each per day.

The Sinh Tourist bus runs at 10:30 a.m.and 3:30 p.m. From da Nang lớn Hoi An. It costs around 80,000 khổng lồ 100,000 VND (3.5 lớn 4.30 USD), depending on where you book it. Khô cứng Cafe offers a bus at 11:30 a.m. & 4:30 p.m. For about 100,000 lớn 120,000 VND (4.30 to 5.10 USD). These buses tend khổng lồ be nicer than the local buses và are air-conditioned. If you book a tourist bus, either online or at a travel agency, they will direct you khổng lồ where their pick up and drop off points are located.

The picturesque streets of Hoi An await travellers. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Da Nang Bus – Address: 159 Ton Duc Thang, da Nang

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