Giá vé khu du lịch đại nam 2023 kèm các dịch vụ vui chơi?


Location & History

Dai nam giới Park is considered as Vietnam’s đứng top man-made tourism spot, which boasts a phối of modern and traditional architectures. An entertainment complex in Binh Duong, on National Highway No. 13, the park was officially brought into use in late 2008. It’s about 2-hour-driving from the center of Ho chi Minh City. The address is Hiep An, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong Province.

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What khổng lồ See

Dai nam giới Park is a huge complex which consists of: dai Nam Van Hien Wonderland, dai Nam Campground, dẻo Nam Amusement Park & The mở cửa Zoo. It includes a shopping center, hotels, movie theatre, theme park, camp site, waterpark, beach, zoo & numerous temples.

Open Zoo

The most impressive place in dẻo Nam Park is the 12.5 hectare open Zoo, which is home to 76 species of birds, reptiles và mammals, many of which are not typically found in Vietnam such as white peacocks, trắng tigers and white hippos. In comparison with other parks in Ho chi Minh City, the dẻo Nam open Zoo is a unique breakthrough as the first night zoo in the country. Staying very close to lớn the animals will be an unforgettable adventure when visitting the zoo.

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Dai phái nam Van Hien Wonderland

The 5000 m2 temple is another major attraction of dai Nam Park. Those interested in discovering all of the mysteries of Vietnam’s history from Hung King to modern times will not be disappointed here. In other words, it’s a model of Vietnam in miniature with historical architectures và the magnificent works such as the dẻo Nam Quoc Tu Temple, Bao Son Mountain created from five mountains Kim – Moc – Thuy – Hoa – Tho, and the Great South Vietnam.

Dai nam Amusement Park

Adding lớn the traditional and natural is the modern entertainment facility. It’s a great place khổng lồ take your family for a day trip, with opportunities khổng lồ enjoy everything from normal games like war spacecraft, electric car for children or folk games to lớn thrilling ones lượt thích the roller coaster on square rails or water plume ride.

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Where khổng lồ Stay

Dai phái nam Great Wall Hotel

To fully discover the wide variety of recreation in dẻo Nam Park, tourists can choose to lớn stay at dai Nam Great Wall Hotel, which is a special combination in architecture between co Loa và Hue Citadel. The khách sạn offers standard room chất lượng and friendly hospitable service.

Dai nam Camp site

The camp site is for ones who seek for relaxing place. There are plenty of camping outdoor activities. Rubber forest is place where visitors can rest; relax under the shadow of trees. The small cottages are very cool where people can stretch the tents, hammocks & swing with the wind blowing up from the gorgeous lake.

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Entrance tickets are VND 50,000 for adults và VND 25,000 for children. Children under 1m height get không lấy phí admission fee. The prices for open Zoo entrance tickets and Dai nam Beach tickets are VND 40,000, VND 20,000 và VND 50,000, VND 30,000 respectively. This can be reduced khổng lồ VND 140,000 & VND 75,000 if tourists purchase a ticket combo. Game admission tickets range from VND 20,000 lớn VND 70,000.

Transporting in the park includes cars & bicycle. Cars (which can carry 5 – 15 people) cost VND 200,000 at the first hour and half the price for the each next hour. Renting fee for bicycle is VND 60,000 per hour. Tourists travelling in big group (>30) should contact lienhe for special promotions.

How to Get There

Dai phái nam Park is about 40km from Ho chi Minh City, so it’s most convenient to lớn travel there by oto or taxi - one way ride will cost about 600,000VND or 30$. Also, from Ben Thanh Bus Station, tourists can take bus No. 616 (VND 25,000/person) but it takes longer to lớn arrive.

Useful Information

Location: 13, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong, Vietnam Best for: Family Entrance: Varies Hours: All hours Distance to thành phố center: 24.2km (15.0 mi)

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