Dragon bridge


The famous Vietnam long Bridge is located on the beautiful Han River of domain authority Nang. Aside from astonishing architecture, this bridge is also well known for its exciting water and fire performances.

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Located at the heart of the biggest city in Central Vietnam, the Dragon Bridge shines bright under the dark night sky. With a quick research in advance, one can easily find a good spot lớn enjoy the spectacular water & fire performances. As the shortest way to reach the city center from domain authority Nang International Airport, crossing the beautiful Han river, the Bridge of long is a must-go destination!

1. Where is long Bridge Vietnam? How khổng lồ get there?


The bridge is located on Nguyen Van Linh street, nhì Chau district of domain authority Nang. In order lớn reach the Dragon Bridge da Nang, there are many options available for you, depending on your starting location.

From Hoi An:

Public bus: You can travel to the bridge by bus. This is the cheapest option as it would only cost you around 20,000 VND ($1). However, chú ý that this means of transportation also has the longest travel time of almost 2 hours. It is recommended that you take bus number 01 from Hoi An bus station, which departs every 15 minutes. Your most suitable drop-off location would be No. 270 Tran Phu, which is only a 5-minute walk away from your desired destination.Private bus: There are a number of private bus companies for tourists who prefer a faster drive khổng lồ the bridge (which takes approximately an hour). The average fee charged for this service is also relatively cheap (around $7).Personal vehicle: Another way to lớn travel to the bridge is by driving your own motorbike or car or a rental one. With the help of Google Maps, you can find the way to your destination with ease. Using a personal vehicle is often a more flexible option. It would be excellent to ride a motorbike with your company to the Bridge of Dragon & cross the thắm thiết Han River at night.

From My Khe beach, domain authority Nang:

It is even easier to travel to the bridge from My Khe beach. You can either grab a xe taxi or drive yourself. From Vo Nguyen Giap street, turn onto Vo Van Kiet, go straight và the rồng Bridge will soon appear before your eyes as you cross the Han River. This route is also convenient for tourists & locals who want to get khổng lồ the city center, so vì chưng not forget to check out the bridge on your way downtown!

2. The impressive architecture of rồng Bridge domain authority Nang


The long Bridge of domain authority Nang, Vietnam is the world"s largest dragon-shaped steel bridge. With an installation cost of $85 million, it has 6 lanes và 666 meters of undulating steel shaped into a Ly-Dynasty long figure - the symbol of prosperity in Vietnamese culture. This gorgeous one-of-a-kind metal rồng also “breathes” fire và water weekly. The deliberate integration of lighting technology, with more than 2,500 LED lights, exquisitely shows the dragon"s body toàn thân and its vivid fire-breathing head.

Da Nang long Bridge has attracted worldwide attention as a shining example for innovation in architecture. Its unusual arch tư vấn system has gained widespread regard in the designing industry & global media. This Bridge of long exemplifies how the visual qualities of a kiến thiết may meet both cultural và functional standards.

3. The dragon Bridge domain authority Nang fire time


As a gateway for outside visitors khổng lồ enter da Nang city, Han River dragon Bridge is an exclusive symbol - a statement for the city’s modern development. What’s more, it is the fire & water performance of this Bridge of rồng that really intrigues tourists. After its operation was postponed for a while due lớn the Covid-19 pandemic, the show has resumed since the beginning of 2022 - marking the recovery of domain authority Nang và its tourism sector.

On every Saturday, Sunday and major holiday such as Vietnamese Tet, the long Bridge would breathe fire at 9 p.m. Since there would be a large crowd excitedly waiting for the show khổng lồ start from as soon as 8 p.m, you would want lớn make a reservation at a nearby restaurant for a more enjoyable seat and experience.

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4. Where lớn get the best view to enjoy the performances of the rồng Bridge?


Imagine you are waiting for the fire breathing show, joining in the electrifying atmosphere và seeing the reflection of thousands of twinkling LED lights of the bridge on the Han River before your eyes, surely you would not want such experience lớn be disturbed. Therefore, it is important to lớn pick an observing point in advance to lớn have the best experience watching the rồng Bridge fire breathing show.

Here are some recommended places for you:

Right on the long BridgeBach Dang StreetTran Hung Dao StreetBuildings và coffee shops near the bridgeOther bridges nearby: Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, etc.

Moreover, you can stay at a hotel near the long Bridge khổng lồ enjoy its brilliant scenery at night. For perfect accommodation with all-inclusive services, it is highly recommended that you stay at vietnamaviation.vn Resort và Spa da Nang - located on Non Nuoc Beach.


vietnamaviation.vn Resort & Spa da Nang offers you high-end chất lượng services in da Nang, one of the most worth-living cities in Vietnam. With a diverse range of villas & facilities, including a tennis court, kid’s playground and more, vietnamaviation.vn promises khổng lồ satisfy your every sort of needs.

From here, it is also convenient for tourists lớn visit other famous attractions, such as Marble Mountain & Linh Ung Pagoda which are only about 2.3 kilometers away from the resort.

To sum up, lớn watch the long Bridge fire breathing show on the Han River at night is an experience that you totally should not miss out on! The thiết kế of the bridge has made it a cultural icon representing the history và life of local Vietnamese. Cảnh báo that you should carefully consider the means of transportation và schedule while planning your itinerary to lớn the bridge.

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