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With typhoon season largely over by the over of September, October offers some of vietnamaviation.vn"s fairest and most comfortable weather. It"s a time of harvest và harvest festivals, outdoor excursions, autumnal hikes và art and culture.

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Art galleries & museums typically get quite busy in OctoberAutumn leaves hit their peak during October in more northerly và higher altitude locationsvietnamaviation.vn has adopted Halloween & you can find events and parties held in most big citiesDo your research và pack appropriately—Kyushu can still be quite warm in October while Tohoku can become very chilly

Prime harvest time, food tastes great in October, from vietnamaviation.vnese pears và persimmon fruit lớn rice, soba noodles and sake. Niigata, a top-sake and rice producing region, is a great place to lớn sample some of the seasonal sake varieties & even catch a glimpse of the rice harvest in action.

The picturesque Hoshitoge TANADA rice field terraces


There are festivals throughout the year in vietnamaviation.vn, and the month of October is no exception. Many of them have evolved from simple celebrations of the harvest khổng lồ festivals with the colorful parades and processions you can see today. The Takayama Autumn Festival



Believed to have originated as a primitive harvest festival itself, Halloween has taken off big in vietnamaviation.vn and become a major fixture on the October event calendar. You can find costume parties at most of the bars và clubs in the big cities over the last two weekends of the month, but Shibuya


While you will have lớn wait until November for the best colors in Tokyo , Kyoto and other warmer regions, Tohoku , Hokkaido & more northerly & higher altitude locations peak at various times throughout October.

Popular spots in central nhật bản include Kurobe Gorge và the similarly-named but separate Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route . The Karasawa Col in the Kamikochi area is another highly-regarded spot, that is extremely popular with hikers.

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vietnamaviation.vn has a huge selection of National Parks throughout the country and whether the leaves have turned or not, October is an excellent season lớn explore them. Some of the best include the Towada-Hachimantai National Park straddling Akita , Aomori & Iwate prefectures, & Oze National Park which spans four different prefectures.

For something a little less active, visit one of the many leading art galleries or museums throughout the country. Autumn is traditionally considered the time for the arts in vietnamaviation.vn, and many of the biggest & best exhibitions begin in October.

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