Ho chi minh food tours

This tour is operated by Saigon Adventure ( TOP RATED ON TRIPADVISOR ) with 5.000 Excellent Reivews.

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Doing this food tour will leave you happy and full! This tour includes all food and drinks , so come with an appetite!



Banh Xeo - Vietnamese Savory Crispy Pancake: crispy pancake with a lot of flavors from herbs và sauce: you will have a chance to learn how to cook this dish if you want.Beef Noodle Soup Hue Style ( Bún bò Huế ) or Grilled Pork With Rice Noodle ( Bún giết Nướng )Cryspy Banana Cracker - The most famous local snack Go lớn the best culinary hidden gem: Chuoi Nuong- Grilled Banana with coconut milk: a bit sweet và salty of of tropical fruits và coconut milk sauceBanh mày - The most well-known baguette in the world with sausage, butter, meat..Bo La Lot : Vietnamese grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves are parcels of deliciousness with a distinctive fragrance và smoky, juicy, tender meat. Enjoy it with a pineapple anchovy dipping sauce for the ultimate street snack.Bánh Tráng Nướng Saigon - a good phối of melted butter, cheese, egg và sausageJasmine Tea & learn about our Ice tea cultureTry the most popular juice in Ho đưa ra Minh city : Cold sugarcane juice with kumquatDessert at wonderful local place 

For those who want lớn try seafood, please liên hệ us on whatsapp lớn arrange it.

*** Walking Street Food Tour is available here for those not comfortable with Motorbike.

*** For vegan foods option, please check here

*** bộ combo with Street Food và City Tour , Please kiểm tra here ( We offer 10% discount for this tour )



After a fun ride on the back of the scooter, our first stop is Beef Noodle Soup ( Bun Bo Hue - NOT PHO that you can find everywhere in Vietnam).


After the first meals, your guide driver will take you to lớn Nguyen Thien Thuat Street - a “food heaven” in Saigon. Street food sold here is diverse since people in the area come from many places và have different taste. Climb up to the buildings và see the contrasting architecture between the modern & the traditional. We also visit a pagoda which was built inside an old apartment.

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- The next destination is the beautiful flower market located in district 5. This market offers the street food in ho chi minh city.

- The third stop for food is in Cambodian market. Over here you will sample Banh Trang Nuong and Cryspy Banana Cracker

- Hop on the scooter & get khổng lồ another area to enjoy the most popular street food in Vietnam – Banh My – This food is listed as #1 street food that Vietnamese people eat almost every day because it is very convenient và delicious.

- More food is coming, we will stop và sit on plastic chairs among many locals at a local eatery khổng lồ have a wonderful night with friend.

- During this ho bỏ ra minh food tour, we will chat and share the local và food stories khổng lồ help you understand more about life of people as well as local cuisine not only in Saigon but also the whole Vietnam.

Finishing the tour and driving back khổng lồ your khách sạn


Enjoy 10 Tasting: Food Drinks with real Saigon Adventure TourNon-tourist DestinationsExplore 4 of Saigon"s Colorful Districts during this ho bỏ ra minh food tourDiscover Hidden Alleyways & Dine at Authentic Food Stalls with motorbike food tour ho chi minEnjoy an Exciting Saigon Adventure with a Friendly English Speaking Tour Guide on the Back of Motorbike

*** Group size: Maximum 6 persons 


Food hygiene & safety guaranteed - All food và drink are included

Free Pick Up và Drop Off (Only Hotels In District 1, 3, 4). Extra from 50.000 VND - 100.000 VND per person For Other Districts

Motorbike, Helmet

10 tasting street food & drinks as mentioned​

Rain Poncho (If Needed)

Friendly, English Speaking Guide - Safe và licensed driver for each person



Insurance: 2 USD person extra = 50,000 VND ( please chú ý that we need your pass port information for this. Please tương tác us on whatsapp after booking this tour to arrnage this. We need this information 12 hours in advanced lớn arrnage insurance for you ) Food and dink not listed in the menu 

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