Gardens by the bay


Nature’s beauty is unveiled with Gardens by the Bay’s surreal sights, paradise-like spaces & lush greenery.


Gardens by the Bay’s soaring, surreal architecture, diverse gardens và pristine groves truly make it a sight to lớn behold.

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The Supertree Grove is trang chủ to Gardens by the Bay’s most iconic structures & a great location for unforgettable vistas.


You’ll be able to spend an entire day discovering the wonders of nature with your family at Gardens by the Bay.

Located by the Marina cất cánh Waterfront in the heart of Singapore, Gardens by the cất cánh is a sanctuary for nature lovers và budding horticulturalists alike.

Comprising three distinct spaces over 101 hectares–Bay South Garden, bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden–this oasis of lush greenery has won multiple accolades since it first opened in 2012.

These include the ‘Landscape Award’ from World Architecture News in 2013, the ‘Best Attraction in Asia Pacific’ from Travel Weekly in năm ngoái and the ‘Best Attraction Experience’ at the 2019 Singapore Tourism Awards.

Here’s a rundown of what to lớn see và do at Gardens by The Bay.

Flower Dome

The beauty of nature beckons visitors khổng lồ the Flower Dome in cất cánh South Gardens. Covering 1.28 hectares, this verdant space is the larger of three cooled conservatories, và broke the Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse in 2015. It is home to plants và flowers from five continents, from thousand-year old olive trees to lớn magnolias và orchids.

While certainly one of Gardens by the Bay’s most spectacular attractions, the Flower Dome is far from the only floral paradise that awaits visitors.

Floral Fantasy

As you explore Gardens by the cất cánh at your leisure, be sure to lớn keep an eye out for Floral Fantasy.

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The second of the Gardens’ three indoor conservatories delves into realms of both history và fantasy. Each of its four distinct zones taking inspiration from fairy tales and the storied Hanging Gardens of Babylon, with cavernous spaces, dramatic driftwood sculptures and works of floral art.

Cloud Forest

Gardens by the Bay’s third conservatory—the aptly named Cloud Forest—is a mist-filled landscape of rare vegetation & dramatic vistas.

Towering above the conservatories’ ferns và pitcher plants is Cloud Mountain, a 35-metre tall structure veiled in mist & covered in lush vegetation. Your imagination is bound lớn soar as you scale its heights, and discover plant life from the tropical highlands.

Supertree Grove

As you exit the conservatory, you’re likely lớn notice a grove of soaring, surreal structures, known as the Supertrees. These vertical gardens span 25 khổng lồ 50 metres in height, with two of the towering structures connected by the dramatic arch of the OCBC Skyway. When dusk falls, the grove lights up with the Garden Rhapsody, a spectacle of light and sound. For an unforgettable view of Singapore, ascend to lớn the vị trí cao nhất of the Supertree Observatory, a 50-metre-high observation deck, which boasts an unobstructed vista of the beautiful Marina cất cánh district.

Round off your visit to lớn Gardens by the cất cánh with an unforgettable sunset at bay East Garden. The lush xuất hiện lawns và beautiful waterfront will give you an unobscured view of Singapore’s skyline.

Operating Hours

Outdoor GardensDaily 5am-2am.

Cooled Conservatories (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest) Daily 9am-9pm.(last admission at 8.30pm)

Floral FantasyMon-Fri 10am-7pm.(last admission at 6.30pm)Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 10am-8pm.(last admission at 7.30pm)

OCBC Skyway Daily 9am-9pm.(last admission at 8.30pm)

Supertree Observatory Daily 4-9pm.(last admission at 8.30pm)

Far East Organization Children"s Garden Tue*-Sun 9am-7pm.(last admission at 6pm)

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