Vietjet air


Thai VietJet Air is a bầu low-cost airline & subsidiary of Vietnamese carrier Vietjet Air. It is based at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok.

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Thai VietJet Air serves 11 destinations in 3 countries.

The following routes are served

Travel Details

Check your H1-Air or X1-Air Travel Details by entering the surname of one of the passengers and the record locator (either GDS, H1, X1 or airline) or ticket number. If you are a travel agent, please make sure to forward this information khổng lồ the passenger. Please lưu ý that you can only access bookings that have been made under the H1 or X1 code. For some partner airlines you can commence the online check-in process here. Please chú ý that the online check-in opening times may vary depending on the respective carrier.

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How lớn guide (H1-Air) How to lớn guide (X1-Air)

See example


Passenger name: SMITH/MICHAEL MR (Mr Michael Smith) GDS rec loc: 4ON5MQ Ticket number: 1691234506789



Enter the booking reference OR ticket number. The booking reference is often also called 'booking number/ code' or record locator. It can be alphanumeric (5 to 8 digits) but does not contain any other special characters or spaces.


The ticket number consists of 13 digits and is numeric. The Hahn Air ticket number always begins with 169 và is followed by 10 digits.

Please cảnh báo again (as already notified to lớn you at booking) PASSENGERS ON A JOURNEY INVOLVING AN ULTIMATE DESTINATION OR A STOP IN A COUNTRY OTHER THAN THE COUNTRY OF DEPARTURE ARE ADVISED THAT INTERNATIONAL TREATIES KNOWN AS THE MONTREAL CONVENTION, OR ITS PREDECESSOR, THE WARSAW CONVENTION, INCLUDING ITS AMENDMENTS (THE WARSAW CONVENTION SYSTEM), MAY APPLY khổng lồ THE ENTIRE JOURNEY, INCLUDING ANY PORTION THEREOF WITHIN A COUNTRY. FOR SUCH PASSENGERS, THE APPLICABLE TREATY, INCLUDING SPECIAL CONTRACTS OF CARRIAGE EMBODIED IN ANY APPLICABLE TARIFFS, GOVERNS and MAY LIMIT THE LIABILITY OF THE CARRIER. The Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention system may be applicable to lớn your journey & these Conventions govern & may limit the liability of carriers for death or bodily injury, for loss of or damage lớn baggage, & for delay. EC Regulation No. 889/2002 requires European Community carriers khổng lồ apply the provisions of the Montreal Convention limits to all carriage by them of passengers và their baggage by air. Many non-European Community carriers have elected to vày so in respect of the carriage of passengers và their baggage. The document/itinerary/receipt constitutes the passenger ticket for the purposes of article 3 of the Warsaw Convention, except where another document complying with the requirements of article 3 is delivered khổng lồ the passenger.Carriage & other services are provided and operated only by the respective carrier(s) shown in the document/itinerary/receipt và are subject khổng lồ the contract of carriage with such carrier(s), lớn this notice, khổng lồ any notice or receipt of the carrier(s), & to the respective carrier’s individual terms & conditions (Conditions), related rules, regulations & policies (Regulations) và any applicable tariffs, which are hereby again incorporated by reference for application & which may be obtained from such carrier(s) or from Hahn Air upon request. If your carriage is by more than one carrier, different Conditions, Regulations and applicable tariffs may apply for each carrier. The Conditions, Regulations and any applicable tariffs of each carrier are, by this notice, again incorporated by reference into & made part of your contract of carriage. Hahn Air is not involved in and not responsible for carriage or other services, but only acts as an intermediary service/agent for booking and ticketing between the respective carrier and the travel agent/passenger. Hahn Air’s Terms and Conditions apply.If I am a travel agent, I will again make aware the passenger of the above information.„Each party agrees that it shall not use, i.e. Copy, modify, transmit, or make any use of ticket information related to lớn passengers of the other tiệc nhỏ for any purpose other than those reasonably necessary to lớn provide & account the transportation services requested by the passenger or those.Otherwise authorized by the passenger. For the avoidance of doubt, the foregoing shall not prohibit either tiệc nhỏ from using such information for analytical purposes at an aggregate level. Both parties shall act in accordance with applicable Data Protection Laws. They shall take appropriate technical-organizational measures in order lớn guarantee the full compliance with such Data Protection Laws.

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