How to get from hai phong to cat ba, vietnam?

How lớn get from nhì Phong to Cat ba island? You can travel by bus+ferry or by boat from nhì Phong town.

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Ferry / Boat lớn Cat cha Van + Ferry to Cat ba Cable car to mèo Baicon-map-marker map of Cat ba Islandicon-ticket Book Ticket to cat Ba

Cat tía Island is the biggest tourist island in Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long bay – a vị trí cao nhất tourist attraction và amazing place in northern Vietnam. Ha Long bay is written in UNESCO World Heritage Site list and every day is visited by thousands of travelers and tourists. Cat ba Island is about 15km from nhị Phong City and is very easy accessible by ferry/speedboat from the trộn Binh port (4 Bến Bính). Trộn Binh port (4 Bến Bính) in the northern part of hai Phong thành phố is about 2km from the hai Phong Railway Station. Cat ba Island in quang Ninh province offers lots of activites for tourist – sports, kayaking, but also boat trips in Ha Long Bay.You can buy tickets from nhì Phong to Cat ba Island online

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From hai Phong to lớn Cat cha Island you can travel by ferry/speedboat.


How vày I get from hai Phong to lớn Cat cha Island?

1. SPEEDBOAT from nhị Phong khổng lồ Cat ba Island

travel by ferry/speedboat from nhì Phong lớn Cat bố Island takes about 1.5 hourone-way boat/ferry ticket from hai Phong khổng lồ Cat ba costs about $6-8/ppcarry-on baggage is đôi mươi kg
Speedboat / ferry from nhì Phong (Pha Binh Port) lớn Cat tía Island (Cat bố Pier) (photo: Baolau)

2. VAN + SPEEDBOAT from hai Phong khổng lồ Cat tía Island

travel by of combination of van và boat takes about 1.5-2 hourscomfortable vans + boat transfer lớn Cat ba Islandyou can also travel by van from hai Phong khổng lồ Cai Vieng port (Cat bố Island)transport company: Hoang Longone-way van+ferry ticket from hai Phong khổng lồ Cat cha costs about $7-8you can also book an adventure of Cat cha Express
You can travel by combination of van & boat from hai Phong lớn Cat cha Island (photo:

3. CABLE car from mèo Hai to lớn Cat cha Island

in mid-2020 there was also opened a new cable oto to Cat tía Islandthis is the first phase of the project – from cat Hai khổng lồ Phu Long (it is about 4 km)Cat nhị station is about 25 km from nhì Phong Railway Station, you can take a taxi or Grabticket for cable oto from mèo Hai to Phu Long costs about 100 000 VND và you can buy them at the stationin the near future it would be possible khổng lồ travel by cable car from cat Hai to lớn Cat bố townwhen completed, this cable car will be just over 20 km long from mèo Hai to lớn the town of cat Ba
You can travel by combination of van & boat from hai Phong khổng lồ Cat cha Island.

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icon-map-marker Ha Long Bay/Cat Ba/Quan Lan – Map:

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View from the Cannon Fort on the Cat tía Island.
Floating restaurants at the Cat ba Island.
Tourist boat at the Cat tía Island.
15 best hotels in Cat ba Island.

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