Pilihan terbaik pasar malam di hanoi, vietnam


While traveling, it is evident that tourists often have sầu three purposes that need khổng lồ be satisfied. First, understandably, they are eager khổng lồ learn about the visited place’s culture, history as well as outstanding features. Secondly, for some travelers, spending time in a place that offers them lively energy would be a must-have. Lastly, roughly no one comes bachồng home from a journey without bringing anything as souvenirs, so, the demvà for a purchasing place that specializes in selling area-reflected gifts is also under consideration.

Sounding lượt thích a harsh challenge, right? How can a place with such complicated conditions be found? Please vị not worry as Hanoi Weekover Night Market in the Old Quarter is exactly what you are looking for!.

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Location: Hang Dao Street, Hoan Kiem, HanoiOpening hours: 6 p.m lớn 0 a.m Map to lớn the Hanoi Weekend Night Market:

Highlights of Hanoi Weekkết thúc Night Market

Held within Hanoi Old Quarter, from Hang Dao Street khổng lồ Dong Xuan Market’s gate, Hanoi Old Quarter market has been largely considered a must-see for tourists to lớn Vietnam’s capital for the first time. Taking place from 6 pm until midnight in the last three days of the week, this special “fair” attracts not only locals but also foreigners.


Visiting the market, visitors should also spend time to lớn wander around its surrounding areas as they will surely discover a lot of interesting things here.

First, travelers would be able to learn about the old life of Hanoians. Hanoi traditionally consisted of 36 streets, which nowadays, are called the Old Quarter. Therefore, going to lớn Hanoi Old Quarter, tourists would definitely get a memorable opportunity to have the “truest” look at Hanoi’s old urban organizational structure. These 36 streets are also 36 trade wards as the streets’ names would indicate what used to be sold largely on this street. For example: Hang Bong street means selling cốt tông, Hang Bac street means selling silver accessories, Hang Dao Street means selling silk và so on.

Secondly, you can move your walk to Ta Hien Street or Bia Hoi Corner, which can be called a ”street for foreigners” in Hanoi. In this bustling area, visitors would have the chance to lớn live sầu in an energetic Hanoi while immersing themselves in the up-to-date music played overnight. You can enjoy your entertaining night by just stopping by a bar or having a mug of beer, this place would boost your energy và bring you the life of the youth.

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How to Get to Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market

By motorxe đạp or car: Use Google bản đồ khổng lồ ensure that you would not get lost. For foreign travelers, you can hire a motorbike at your hotel if you want lớn try this one of the most exciting experiences in Vietnam. However, as Hanoi Old Quarter Market will be blocked off to traffic, visitors would have to find somewhere to park your motorbike. Usually, people choose to park their vehicles along Bao Kkhô giòn pavement (near Hang Trong Street) with a cost of 10.000 VND (~$0.5) per night.By bus: Buses number 09, 14 or 36 can bring you to lớn the nearby areas of Hanoi Old Quarter Market, then you will have sầu to walk to lớn your destination. However, this choice would be quite inconvenient if you plan lớn stay in the market till late at night.

Things to Note:

Though Hanoi Old Quarter Market is a famous tourist attraction, travelers would not be ripped off here, so you should not worry and would not need to lớn bargain. However, keep an eye on your belongings as there will be some pickpockets taking advantage of the crowded atmosphere here to take your wallet.

It must be said that Hanoi at night is not as quiet as people often imagine. The fresh atmosphere, exciting laughter, vibrant performances as well as shimmering colorful lights from street vendors seem to lớn integrate so harmoniously with the night in the Old Quarter. Hanoi Old Quarter in the Weekkết thúc Night Market never seems lớn be boring!

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