Nightlife in ho chi minh city


Once the sun sets, Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị (aka “Saigon” lớn the locals & abbreviated as “HCMC”), Vietnam offers some of the best nightlife. While there are so many attractions to visit in Ho đưa ra Minh city in the daytime, there is something special about exploring the streets at night. 

The đô thị is buzzing with people, tourists, and has plenty of activities to lớn keep you occupied. Interested in seeing a performance? Want khổng lồ eat dinner on a rooftop?

We have you covered with this guide on the 17 best things to vày in Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố at night. Any of these nighttime activities would be a perfect addition to lớn your itinerary whether you have 1 day, 3 days, or 5+ days in HCMC.

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We currently live in Ho đưa ra Minh City so we will update this guide when we find new & exciting opportunities for you khổng lồ try!

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Things To vị in Ho chi Minh city at Night: Attractions và Activities

1. Bargain at the Ben Thanh Market Night Market.

Ben Thanh Market is the famous market in the center of Ho chi Minh City’s District 1. Once the main market closes around 6:00pm, the vendors move outdoors lớn set up shop along both sides of the market on Phan Bội Châu Street & Phan Chu Trinh. 

Many of the shops sell similar stuff from fake Nike & Under Armor workout clothes, North Face backpacks, shoes, purses, sunglasses, & other souvenir items. 

If you’re interested in purchasing something, don’t forget to use your bargaining skills. The first price will be inflated. Then ask for một nửa off the price or any amount that you would prefer. 

Check out our recommendations for the best souvenirs to buy in Vietnam

**At the time of publishing, the Ben Thanh Night Market is currently not xuất hiện due khổng lồ the current situation và the travel restrictions. We’ll continue to monitor this và will let you know when it reopens!


Ben Thanh Night Market is a recommended activity to vì in Ho chi Minh đô thị at night.

2. Take an evening stroll along Nguyen Hue Walking Street.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a pedestrian friendly walking street that is perfect for people watching. The street is 900 meters/.5 miles long & it’s a popular spot khổng lồ visit at night. Plus, you get lớn see a bronze statue of Ho chi Minh with the People’s Committee of Ho chi Minh đô thị building in the background. 

You’ll see crowds hanging out on the benches and enjoying drinks, kids playing, và hawkers wearing costumes. If you decide khổng lồ take a photo with these characters (ie: Elmo, Monkey King, etc), then it’s expected to lớn give a small tip such as 20,000 VND ($.88 USD). 

What is fabulous about this walking path is that it’s located in the center of Nguyen Hue Street so cars & motorbikes are not allowed. On the weekends, the street is closed lớn vehicles so everyone can walk on the streets.

Depending on your time of visit, there are holiday celebrations và festivals on Nguyen Hue Walking Street. If you visit during the Tet Vietnamese New Year, there are festive decorations with red lanterns, flowers, and the zodiac animal. 

You can also visit the local attractions along Nguyen Hue such as Saigon Skydeck observatory deck and cafe Apartments.


Visit the Ho chi Minh statue along the Nguyen Hue Walking Street.

3. Run or walk along the Saigon River. 

Depending on where you’re staying in Ho chi Minh City, take an evening run or walk along the Saigon River. You won’t have to worry about the searing sun & heat at night. 

If you’re in District 1, head towards the over of Nguyen Hue Walking Street, cross the street (watch out for traffic on both sides & walk slowly!), and run along the river. You can run towards Le Meridien Hotel, close lớn Le Thanh Ton Street or head the opposite direction to lớn the Elisa Floating Restaurant, a large boat that docks on the Bach Dang Pier on the weekends. 

Another opportunity is lớn walk/run along the river from District 1 along Hoang Sa or Truong Sa. Head khổng lồ the Saigon Zoo area and you’ll find the river route from there. Kiểm tra out this post on other running paths you can take around the city.


When walking along the Saigon River in District 1, you’ll see the Elisa Floating Restaurant and other boats for the dinner cruises.

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4. Watch a show at the Opera House.

The Opera House, also known as the Ho chi Minh Theater, is a gorgeous building with French colonial architecture. It was built in 1897 & restored in 1995. This place is in a central location as it’s a few minutes walk from the Nguyen Hue Walking Street. 

The theater has a variety of performing arts shows such as music concerts, ballets, và other cultural shows. During the November time frame, there is usually a Nutcracker show so get you into the Christmas holiday spirit. 

Check out the schedule here.

5. Watch a water puppet show.

One of the unique experiences in Vietnam to vì chưng is lớn watch a water puppet show. The show is an opportunity lớn see puppets tell a story about Vietnamese folklore & stories. It’s fun lớn watch & provides more insight into Vietnamese culture. 

These puppets are different from what you’re used khổng lồ as they are made out of wood and lacquered. The puppeteers hold these puppets by rods và sticks so they float and dance on top of the pool of water. 

You can’t see the puppeteers as they’re hidden to the side of the stage. Yet, you have lớn admire the puppeteers’ strength khổng lồ maneuver the heavy puppets in the pool. To the side of the pool, there is a small orchestra playing traditional Vietnamese music. 

We originally saw the water puppet show in Hanoi, yet, the show in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị is similar. It was a đáng yêu show even though the show was in Vietnamese and had a TV screen with English translation lớn the side of the stage.

Purchase discounted tickets for the water puppet show in advance and save money!

6. Take an evening walk through vinhomes Central Park.

If you’re in the Binh Thanh area which is about 20 minutes away from Nguyen Hue Walking Street, then you have to kiểm tra out vinhomes Central Park. We’re a bit biased as we live in the area, yet, it’s a fabulous place to spend an evening. 

The 43.91 hectares (108 acres) public park was inspired by thủ đô new york City’s Central Park and is beautiful with the luscious greenery & plants và paved walking paths along the Saigon River. There is a large lawn area for people khổng lồ hang out and a BBQ section for those living in the area. It’s also children-friendly with two playground areas. 

Afterward, you can head khổng lồ Landmark 81, the tallest building in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị at 81 stories high, for high-end shopping, movie watching, and/or to check out the Landmark 81 Skyview observatory


Visting vinhomes Central Park khổng lồ see the gorgeous Landmark 81 illuminate at night.

7. Check out the Starlight Crescent Bridge (Rainbow Bridge). 

If you have more time in Ho bỏ ra Minh City, consider visiting the other districts khổng lồ explore. District 7 has the Starlight Crescent Bridge in the park next lớn the Crescent Mall

From 5:30pm-10:00pm on Thursdays to lớn Sundays, the bridge displays the colors of the rainbow. The bridge has water which illuminates with colorful LEDs. 

Afterward, try one of the Korean restaurants in the area. There is a high Korean expat population living in District 7. 

8. Get creative with a painting night!

Anyone can learn how to lớn paint! Take a two hour painting class where everyone gets the opportunity lớn paint. The painting will have a different theme such as landscape, animals, plants, etc. 

Your instructor provides guidance on how to lớn paint each layer. Yet, you can get creative with adding your own pizzazz to your painting. Plus, you get a glass of wine lớn enjoy during your course. 

The painting sự kiện starts either at 4:00pm or 5:00pm và lasts 2 hours. You still have the evening ahead of you to lớn try other activities in this list. 

The location varies so it’s recommended that you follow Paint & Wine in Saigon on Facebook and register for a class. 


Let’s get creative with a Paint và Wine evening when you’re in Ho đưa ra Minh City. Photo credit: Bernardo Ramonfaur via Scopio Photos

9. Sing your heart out with karaoke night.

Karaoke is a cultural bonding experience in Vietnam. You often find a group of people on the sidewalk drinking beer và singing karaoke on the weeknights & especially on the weekends. We’ve seen speakers point to the street so everyone can hear them. 

While you can participate in an ad hoc karaoke event, consider visiting karaoke bars around Ho đưa ra Minh City instead! This would be a fantastic opportunity for a group of people. You get the opportunity khổng lồ rent a room for a certain time frame, order food & drinks, and sing as much & as loudly as you’d like. 

It’s a fun experience và you don’t need khổng lồ worry about singing badly. Just have fun with singing English & Vietnamese songs!

Recommended karaoke bars are iCool which has multiple locations in the city and King Karaoke in District 1.

10. Take a thành phố tour at midnight. 

One of the quality things to do in Ho chi Minh đô thị is lớn take a city tour at midnight. Yes, midnight! Your tour guide will take you around the vibrant spots of the đô thị on a motorbike. It’s also the chance khổng lồ hang out with a local. 

Click here khổng lồ reserve your spot. 

Things To vày in Ho đưa ra Minh city at Night: Food và Drinks

11. Take a sunset or dinner cruise. 

One of the coolest things to bởi in Ho chi Minh city at night is khổng lồ take a cruise along the Saigon River

Depending on your preference, you can either vày a late afternoon cruise khổng lồ see the sunset or have dinner on the boat. It’s a fun way to check out Ho chi Minh City’s skyline và also pass through various districts along the river. 

Since we live in vinhomes riverside Central Park in Binh Thanh District, we’ve seen the Saigon Princess Cruise pass by và we hear the music playing. 

Check out these other dinner cruise options to take:

12. Eat seafood for dinner. 

Vietnamese people love eating seafood, snails (ốc), and shellfish for dinner. It’s one of the most memorable experiences that you’ll have. 

You get the opportunity lớn choose your fresh seafood from the tank & have it cooked in any way you’d like such as sauteed with garlic, salt & pepper, pepper sauce, etc. 

Tip: It’s helpful if you have someone who knows how to lớn speak Vietnamese with you so they can order the fresh seafood. The prices aren’t marked so you have khổng lồ ask what is the price per kilo. Otherwise, you can order from the menu. 

One restaurant that we recommend that you try is Ốc Đào Nguyễn Trãi in District 1. This restaurant is hidden yet it’s crowded every evening. 

We love eating razor clams with garlic, scallops, và shellfish in coconut sauce. We don’t know the name of the shellfish in English but it’s very delicious with the rich coconut sauce. You’ll need khổng lồ use your lung capacity lớn suck the shellfish meat out of the shells or use a toothpick. 


Mountain Retreat is a fabulous place khổng lồ eat while you’re in Ho bỏ ra Minh City!

15. Enjoy drinks and/or dance at the rooftop bars.

Ho bỏ ra Minh city is constantly growing so there are more và more skyscrapers and tall buildings appearing every year. Visiting a rooftop bar is an exciting opportunity to see Ho chi Minh City’s skyline and the sunset (if the timing is appropriate). Many of these rooftop bars are also nightclubs with the party-vibe. 

In the Female Expat group, these are the top-recommended rooftop bars to visit: Banana Mama (this one is highly recommended for the casual vibe), M-Gallery, Chill Sky Bar, and Glow Rooftop. Kiểm tra out this post for additional rooftop bars khổng lồ visit at night. 

Have a blast and buổi tiệc ngọt the night away!

16. Party & drink at Bui Vien Walking Street. 

Bui Vien Street, located in District 1, is Ho bỏ ra Minh City’s version of Las Vegas. With the flashing lights, loud music, clubs, & crowds of people, it’s a busy area that’s popular with tourists & locals. 

This area is known as the “backpacker’s area” due to lớn the cheaper guesthouses & hostels, affordable restaurants, và cheap beer. We love eating at Sara’s Ethiopian Restaurant, yet there are other good choices such as Baba’s Kitchen for Indian food & Bún Chả 145 for a classic Vietnamese dish of rice noodles with grilled pork that originated from Hanoi. 

If you’re into the nightlife & want a different vibe than the rooftop bars, then Bui Vien is a đứng top night attraction lớn visit. You can các buổi party and drink all night long! A unique place khổng lồ visit is the Hong Kong inspired beer club at Hẻm Bia: Lost in Hong Kong. The decor takes you to Hong Kong’s nightlife in 1968. 

Bui Vien is about 20-25 minutes walking from Ben Thanh Market. If you plan to stay up late và will drink, please hire a Grab car or motorbike lớn take you back lớn your accommodations. 

17. Eat street food via a motorbike tour. 

Love eating street food? Consider taking a street food tour where your guide takes you to the local places to lớn eat. You’ll have an incredible time eating various Vietnamese cuisine & desserts and fill your belly with delicious food. Plus, it’s an opportunity to lớn learn more about Vietnam and Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố from your tour guide. 

While you can do a walking tour, it’s more adventurous lớn ride on the back of your guide’s motorbike lớn travel from restaurant to restaurant. 

Check out food tours via motorbike options here:

If you’re a vegan and/or vegetarian, kiểm tra out this specific food tour

We hope you enjoyed reading this post on what to bởi in Ho chi Minh at night. From the Ho đưa ra Minh city nightlife to the incredible food options, you’ll have a memorable evening here!

Have other questions about the nighttime activities? Ask them in the comments below!

If you need more ideas on what to lớn see in HCMC, read our other posts below.

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