9 best places to go shopping in ho chi minh city


Considered as the largest mall in Saigon, Vincom Center belongs khổng lồ Vingroup – one of the biggest private corporations in Vietnam. It has two buildings comprising of more than 250 retail outlets, especially the flagship brands in the world such as Hermes, Hugo Boss, H&M, Armani, và Ralph Lauren.

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Vincom Center A is inspired from the charming French Baroque-style mansion. It is also designed according to lớn the model of the world’s leading commercial centers spending a lot of space, comfort, và relaxation for customers. The building is the ideal rendezvous for shoppers with a wide range of the most fashionable brands of jewelry, perfume, và garments. Pick up yourself a fashionable mix of outfit or buying presents for somebody special. Besides, remember to lớn spend some minutes at bakeries on the lower floors. Pastries, gateau, bread và other delights are all made & sold out in one day.


Building B is the skyscraper of state-of-the-art glass-fronted. It has five floors of home décor stores and souvenirs. This is also the paradise for the gourmands because of many restaurants serving different specialties in Vietnam và countries all over the world.


Address: No. 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

2. Takashimaya (Saigon Center)

The shopping mall inside Saigon Center building – Takashimaya is the newest và most modern in town. Furthermore, it has an extremely eye-catching thiết kế from the outside khổng lồ the inside. Not regulated, not dry and not too picky, the pavilions are clearly divided và decorated beautifully. This shopping mall is said khổng lồ be as wonderful as the famous Takashimaya in Singapore.


Your budget should be large enough as all types of services in the mall are quite expensive with many luxury brands including Moschino, Versace, Kenzo, and Valentino. Additionally, several sushi restaurants, coffee shops, and amusement centers are available in Takashimaya with the set of Japanese, Western, and Vietnamese culture together with classic & romantic space.


Address: No. 92-94 nam giới Ky Khoi Nghia St, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

3. The Cresent Mall

The Cresent shopping mall is the melting pot of the charming landscape of the Cresent Lake and the busy streetscape of the high-class development. It really brings khổng lồ South Saigon the commercial center meeting the international standard.


The mall includes nearly 18,000 meters square for retail và 45,000 meters square for commercial và entertainment center. 200 stores of đứng đầu brands, a range of restaurants, café, & Cineplex screens are completely beyond the expectations of shopaholics. The Cresent mall is also the host organizing artistic & fashion shows, music concerts, flower festivals, and other thể thao and cultural activities. It also provides the community space for customers to relax such as the Starlight Bridge and the boardwalk of the pedestrian waterside. The new heart of Saigon will be exactly the name of the Cresent mall in the future.

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Address: No. 101 Ton Dat Tien St, Phu My Ward, District 7

4. AEON Mall tung Phu

The shopping mall is invested and developed by AEON – the multinational company in Japanese. Having been in Ho chi Minh thành phố since 2011, it still causes a fever of shopping for locals as well as foreigners.


AEON mall chảy Phu will bring you the exact experience of Japanese-style shopping. The pavilions always bring guests the wide choices of products & provide professional services. The mall also offers a lot of convenient programs including package services, fast delivery, children care, and miễn phí shuttle bus from different places in the đô thị to the shopping mall. The food court in the commercial center serves a large number of menus for delicious meals with a wide range of Vietnamese & Japanese dishes cooked by đứng top chefs.


Address: No. 30 Bo Bao tan Phu, chảy Phu Ward

5. đá quí Plaza

Established in 1999, the shopping mall is known as the first commercial center in Ho đưa ra Minh City. Besides, the plaza also occupies a great position which is near the famous destinations of the thành phố such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Independent Palace, & the Central Post Office. Its name reflects exactly the beauty of the plaza – shining gloriously under the sunlight lượt thích a đá quí thanks khổng lồ glass design.


In spite of being “older” than other shopping malls, kim cương plaza always renews itself with latest trends updated. It is considered as the ideal stop during your travel to lớn these destinations above. The mall provides the chains of restaurants gathering the cuisine from East lớn West, café with unique and service in accordance with strict requirements of foreign tourists. In addition, shopping at the mall is guaranteed as most of the products are already priced (with tax + floor price) avoiding any tricks of the unprofessional vendors. There are also leisure services like bowling on the 5th floor and cinema on the 13th floor. Especially, diamond Plaza has the Family Medical Practice which is highly appreciated by foreigner tourists thanks khổng lồ well-qualified doctors and nurses as well as their fluent English communication.


Address: No. 34 Le Duan St, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

6. SC Vivo City

Managed by a joint venture between Singapore-based leading real estate investment & management company – Mapletree và Vietnam’s leading retailer – Saigon Co.op, SC VivoCity Saigon promises to deliver the ultimate experience of retail for customers. With a lively combination of 150 brands in one shopping mall, SC VivoCity is aiming lớn become a bustling, vibrant commercial center for the people of Ho đưa ra Minh City & tourists worldwide.

The shopping mall has a total area of 41,000 m2 with 5 floors and 1 basement. It is the wonderful place for shopping, dining, fashion, and entertainment for customers of all ages. SC Vivo city will be the gathering place of international brands such as Topshop – Topman, Miss Selfridge, & Dorothy Perkins lớn the ones which are first available in Vietnamese market including Harley-Davidson or McDonald’s. In addition, CGV Cinemas launches its largest cinema in Vietnam – CGV SC VivoCity with IMAX giải pháp công nghệ first introduced to lớn the majority of cinema lovers in Vietnam and worldwide.


Address: No. 1058 Nguyen Van Linh St, tan Phong Ward, District 7

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