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About An Bang Beach


Golden sand, clear xanh water, palm trees & palapas, An Bang Beach is a true paradise! Found by following Hai bố Trung out of town, An Bang has become the number one beach location for tourists in Hoi An after the erosion at Cua dai limited its appeal. In 2016, An Bang was voted among the đứng top 100 beaches in the world by CNN.

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It’s easy to lớn see why An Bang is such a popular destination. Along with the sand, sea và eateries is a gorgeous view. Between da Nang and the Son Tra Peninsula lớn the north plus Cham Island khổng lồ the south, you’ll find open water dotted with fishing boats. As the sun sets, you’ll see the fishing boats start to sweep across the water with floodlights on, hoping to lớn attract squid.

An Bang may be the busiest beach in Hoi An, but it’s easy to lớn find a quiet spot by taking a short walk along the edge of the water. Otherwise, go first thing in the morning before the tourists arrive và the sun is at its coolest – many cafes and restaurants along the An Bang coastline are xuất hiện from 8am and it’s the time you’ll see the beach at its very best.

Not so long ago there weren’t many facilities at An bang Beach. These days you’ll find tons of food và drink, convenience stores, ATMs, pharmacies và even a splash of petrol if you get caught out. This once remote fishing village is remote no longer.

Getting khổng lồ An Bang

An Bang Beach is approximately 5km from Hoi An’s Old Town, và the quickest route is via Hai cha Trung. This street wends its way all the way from Tran Phu in the Old Town khổng lồ the coast itself.

Taxis & Grab vehicles frequent the route và it’s easily accessible by xe đạp or scooter, with ample parking close to the beach. Although much depends on traffic, a xe taxi ride at non-peak times of the day will take around 10 minutes and cost approximately 80,000 VND (3.45 USD).

If you’re in no rush to get khổng lồ the sand, An Bang is easily accessible via Cua dai Road and Lac Long Quan. This coast-hugging route may even introduce you to a few lesser-known specks along Hoi An’s coast, including Hidden Beach.

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Another alternative is to lớn avoid the main roads where possible andcycle to An Bang Beach via thescenic route.


Sitting at the end of Ha tía Trung, you’ll find plenty of places to lớn park your motorbike, scooter or bicycle if making your own way there. Many cafes & restaurants a short walk away will let you park your steed for the price of a drink (around 20,000 VND (0.85 USD). Parking spots closer to lớn An Bang Beach can be used for 5,000-20,000 VND (0.22 – 0.85 USD) per vehicle. Many of these have showers và changing facilities.

Some touts will try & lord it over you & act as if they have official parking areas that you must use. If you don’t want their service don’t let them force you. Give them a smile & a wave & move on no matter how much they shout & gesticulate.

Things to lớn Do


Sunbathing & Swimming

The laidback vibe và idyllic setting makes An Bang a great place for kicking back with a book và headphones, or simply catching a few rays. You’ll find a great selection of umbrellas and loungers along the main stretch, attached to the cafes and restaurants that live behind them. Places charge around 10-40,000 vnd for a sun-lounger, but they’re usually miễn phí for the day if you order food or drinks.

Swimming is perfectly safe on An Bang Beach. Any water sports are kept separate, with designated swimming areas clearly marked. Depending on the time of day, the water is often so clear that you’ll be swimming among fishes, so don’t forget your goggles!

Water Sports

The water at An Bang is mainly reserved for swimming and fishing, but you can also find jet skis & parasailing on offer. Prices vary, but start for 30 minutes at around 600,000 VND (25.85 USD) for jet skis, and 700,000 VND (30 USD) for parasailing.

Surfing season begins in October & can continue through to April. There’s not a consistent swell but some days are great và from Nov to lớn Feb you can usually catch something. Up near Marble Mountain the swell can be a foot or so bigger.

Yoga & Wellness

Depending on the time of year, An Bang Beach offers morning yoga và other wellness activities. These often begin around 6am, when the sun has risen but before it gets too hot to move around! check outNomad Yoga’s schedulefor the latest information.

Restaurants và Nightlife


The coastal kết thúc of Ha ba Trung is full of cafes and restaurants, from simple places lớn obtain a swift Robusta hit, lớn larger restaurants dedicated lớn Vietnamese, seafood, Western or vegan food. & for the true taste of Vietnam the local market has terrific, cheap breakfasts of staples such as pho, banh xeo & banh beo but be sure lớn get there before 9am when is closes!

An Bang may be quieter after dark, but it’s not hard khổng lồ find somewhere lớn drink, eat or while away a few hours at a live music venue. Indeed, An Bang has always been the hub of live music in Hoi An. Soul Kitchen has traditionally led the way while other venues such as, Shore Club, Bungalow Beach Bar & the newly opened Red Lantern Coctails are solid contributors. It’s worth noting that a few hotspots are springing up just south of An Bang, which you can reach along Nguyen Phan Vinh Road – tung Thanh Beach – or in around 10 minutes’ walk along the beach. See ourWhat’s On Calendarfor music schedules.

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