Introduction of hoi an ancient town, vietnam

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The weather in Vietnam can be very different, depending on whether you’re in the north, south or central regions. You’ll also find micro-climates within those boundaries too! Hoi An has two distinct seasons – dry & wet – but depending when you travel it’s possible to lớn experience a little cold too. Find our month-by month guide on our Weather page khổng lồ help you plan your trip.

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Street Food & Restaurants

Hoi An is often described by travelers và expats as one of the tastiest cities in Vietnam. It’s quickly become a food lovers’ destination, famous for its authentic cuisine & local specialties. There’s awide selection of eateriesto choose from và affordable prices are part of the charm – there’s nothing quite as gratifying as indulging in delicious cuisine without loosening the purse strings. For a real taste of Hoi An’s food, see our Street Food guide & get munching!

Vietnamese foodand local dishes lượt thích Cao lau or trắng Rose are likely lớn be super cheap wherever you go – ourreviewswill guide you on where to lớn find the cream of the crop.

Starving for a bit ofWestern foodbut don’t want to lớn loosen the purse strings? There is a fair number of high-quality establishments specializing incheap, Western grub.Greek Souvlakiwhips up a mean vegetarian or meat souvlaki alongside other Greek-style dishes, whilstKebab Shack, situated directly opposite, is Hoi An’s greasy spoon where you can find a delicious yet affordable English breakfast, Middle-Eastern style kebab, & sausage butty. For burgersJim’s Snack BarandCircleare the most popular.

Mid-range, there’sDingo Deli– Hoi An’s most popular Western-style café, deli và restaurant. (If you’ve been in Hoi An for a while you’re bound lớn bump into someone you know there.) Other great mid-priced options includeMix Greek RestaurantandBelleville Restaurant và Lounge. Fine dining options are led byHoi An Steakhouse. Mango RoomsandThe Hoianian.

Vegans, vegetarians và health nutsare equally well-catered for in Hoi An. AtRosie’s, patrons can enjoy a range of juices, vegan cakes, and breakfast, brunch & lunch options … the list goes on.Karma Watersis a great place to devour some nutritious vegan food, both Vietnamese và international, & gluten-free baked goods. Our guide onvegetarian restaurantsin Hoi An will help you discover more of the best veggie & vegan-friendly eateries across town includingAmandAnnen.

If an unforgettable food experience is what you’re after & you don’t mind a bit of a splurge, you’ve got your fair chia sẻ of high-end restaurants to choose from, such asHoi An Riverside Restaurant.This swanky establishment is hard to lớn fault, offering impeccable service và superb European cuisine with a Vietnamese touch as well as romantic views edging the scenic Thu Bon River in the Old Town.

Our guide khổng lồ the Hoi An’srecommended restaurants và cafes has you covered every which way, providing an excellent road maps with which to lớn plot your next food hunt & embark on an exciting culinary adventure.

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International food in Hoi An

Where to Drink

Hoi An boasts a large variety of awesome haunts where you can enjoy some pre-drinks, listen to live music, catch a sports game, stage a perfect first date, or simply drink the night away amidst a hearty atmosphere. You’ve got trendy bars, sports bars, cocktail bars, Irish pubs, và even gin bars to choose from.

You can buy a glass of fresh beer as (insanely) cheap as 4,000 VND at many local eateries around town, such as the restaurants at An Hoi Market. In general, alcoholic beverages are fairly affordable by tourist và expat standards, but if you’re looking to kết thúc up somewhere a bit swankier you won’t have a hard time finding somewhere that fits the bill.

As far as trendy bars go, there’sDive Bar, a relaxed Caribbean-style bar with lounges, big cushions, tropical interior và a chilled playlist. It’s also the headquarters for Cham Island Diving Group meetups, so a likely place khổng lồ bump into fellow divers.One Loveis a laid-back, reggae-themed bar, which tends lớn be a little emptier than most venues in Hoi An but it’s the best late night option

Hoi An’s premiere sports pubs are3 DragonsandHoi An Sports Bar, both on the outskirts of the Old Town, where you can enjoy a relaxing drink or catch a game on multiple screens. Drinks-wise, you’ll be spoilt for choice by a wide selection of beers and cocktails.Salt Pub,on the beach just south of An Bang, also has three dedicated thể thao screens.

A few specialist drinking dens can also be spotted. Hoi An’s fanciest bar,Q Bar, offers an extensive và sophisticated danh mục of delicious cocktails for its patrons, while Old Town’sPure Coffeeworks overtime, posing as a coffee cửa hàng by day and a cocktail bar by night. MeanwhileThe Tap Househas a vast selection of craft beers on tap.

We’ve profiled Hoi An’s best watering holes in ourBar Guides: be sure to lớn peruse them before you go trawling town for a venue at happy hour.

Coffee, cocktail or beer?


You can easily find somewhere comfy to seek respite in Hoi An without going too wild with the purse strings. Homestays are an affordable way to catch some shut-eye và a wonderful opportunity to lớn immerse yourself in the culture by living in the trang chủ of a local family. But if you’re looking for somewhere luxurious, then take your pick from a plethora of luxury and boutique hotels, mostly situated near Hoi An’s beaches.

There’s an excellent array of accommodation options, including homestays, hostels, hotels, và apartments, however, it’s easy to lớn stumble upon somewhere mediocre in a town that caters so well lớn a ceaseless stream of tourists.

When it comes to lớn finding somewhere lớn lay your head at night, it’s important to lớn choose carefully and selectively, which is why Hoi An Now’s guide on where lớn stay is a must-read. It includes all locations & accommodation styles lớn aid you on your quest to lớn the best night’s sleep in Hoi An, so that you don’t have to endure a nightmare hotel experience.

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