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Cat cha Island is an amazing destination with a diverse ecosystem. Together with the developing services, Cat bố has many hotels and resorts with full facilities. If you are looking for an ideal accommodation, let’s refer lớn the các mục of the vị trí cao nhất 05 best resorts in Cat tía Island below with Travel Indochina!

Flamingo Cat bố Island Resort

Address: cát Co 1, 2 beaches, Cat ba TownRoom rates: from VND 1,650,000


Flamingo Cat cha Resort

Flamingo Cat ba Island Resort is one of the luxurious resorts in Cat bố Island you should not miss. With three towers, Forest On The Sea, Forest In The Sun, and Forest On The Sand, Flamingo Cat cha offers you many accommodation choices from khách sạn rooms to lớn apartments & villas.

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Flamingo Cat cha Resort Forest On The Sea

Coming lớn Flamingo Cat ba Resort, you can enjoy these outstanding services and activities below.

Delicious cuisine

Flamingo Cat tía has three restaurants with culinary quintessence from many regions: Sun Bar và Restaurant, Lan Ha Restaurant, and Sea Restaurant. All of the restaurants have luxurious spaces with dishes made by skilled chefs.


Lan Ha Restaurant

Wonderful bars

Four Seasons Pool Bar, Lan Ha Sky Bar, & Sea Pool Bar are three bars you can find in Flamingo Cat bố Island Resort. Among these bars, Sky Bar is the most charming bar with a panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay. Let’s choose a peaceful corner in these bars và enjoy your holiday!


Lan Ha Sky Bar

Health care và beauty

Seva Spa và Beauty Destination is where you can enjoy health and beauty services and unique treatments with a nutritious menu. It’s time for you lớn relax in the Jacuzzi area, Korean Jjimjilbang sauna, mát xa - treatment area. Besides, Flamingo Cat tía also offers you with Ruriko Onsen that brings a feeling of openness and body toàn thân release.


Seva Spa & Beauty Destination

Body massage at Seva Spa

Head massage at Seva Spa

Entertainment activities

Staying in Flamingo mèo Ba, you can immerse yourself in the entertainment world with fun experiences, such as Galaxy Karaoke và the VR game Park area.


Galaxy Karaoke room in Flamingo cát Ba

Sport activities

Joining quality beach sports activities, swimming in the four-season pool, & doing exercises in the Fitness Center will help you to lớn improve your health & release stress.

Thanks khổng lồ these above services and activities, Flamingo Cat ba is worth being one of the best resorts in Cat tía Island. Let’s come khổng lồ Flamingo Cat ba Island.

Cat cha Island Resort và Spa

Address: cat Co 1 Beach, Cat cha TownRoom rates: from VND 1,600,000


Cat ba Island Resort & Spa

Recognized as one of the wonderful resorts in Cat ba Island, Cat ba Island Resort và Spa is an ideal choice for accommodation in this destination. The resort has 165 rooms in total, divided into eight types of rooms below.

Superior Mountain ViewSuperior Ocean ViewDeluxe Ocean ViewDeluxe Suite Garden ViewExecutive Deluxe Ocean ViewGrand Deluxe Ocean ViewFamily Suite Ocean ViewPresident Suite


Deluxe Suite Ocean View

Grand Deluxe Ocean View

All rooms are provided with full facilities, such as không tính tiền wifi, a mini-bar with a refrigerator, air conditioning, Cable TV, etc. Especially, Family Suite Ocean View & President Suite room types have a living room, large deep bathtub, balcony or patio.

Besides spacious rooms and suites with island-inspired decor, staying in the Cat tía Island Resort & Spa, you will have the chance to lớn join these recreational activities below.

Soaking up in the golden sand beach

Walking some minutes from the resort, you will reach the cát Co 1 beach. Besides swimming, you can enjoy lying on the sandy ngân hàng to admire the scenery or swinging in a hammock in the cottages on the shore with a glass of cool water here.


Cat co 1 beach

Swimming in the swimming pool

No matter which season you come to lớn Cat bố Island Resort & Spa, you can still enjoy swimming thanks to lớn two seasonal swimming pools here. Let’s relax in the pool & have fun with poolside games here.


Swimming pool in Cat tía Island Resort & Spa

Enjoying different drinks in the Pirate Bar

The Pirate Bar is opened daily from 4.00 p.m. Khổng lồ 10.00 p.m. From Monday to lớn Thursday and Sunday, và 11.00 p.m. On Friday & Saturday. Coming here, you can try different kinds of drinks, such as beer, wine, cocktails, along with delicious food.


Coming to the resort’s fitness center, you will have a chance to bởi exercise with the tư vấn of training equipment, such as elliptical machines, exercise bikes, rowing machines, etc.

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Doing exercise in Cat bố Island Resort & Spa"s fitness center


It’s time for you to lớn refresh và rejuvenate your mind in the resort’s spa làm đẹp center. Coming here, you can enjoy different mát xa treatments of the body, face, nails, hair removal, which help you to have a good sleep và body.


Body mát xa in the spa

Cat bố Sunrise Resort

Address: cát Co 3 Beach, Cat tía TownRoom rates: from VND 2,200,000

Cat cha Sunrise Resort is among the charming resorts in Cat ba Island with a sea view. The resort is located on cát Co 3 Beach, 500 meters from the town center. Thanks lớn this ideal location, it is convenient for you lớn get to lớn famous spots in mèo Ba.


Cat bố Sunrise Resort

The resort has a combination of European and Asian’s architecture, with the flower campus surrounding it. There are four room types: Superior Sea View, Sea View Deluxe, Executive Suite, and Island Suite. Each room type has its own arrangement và decorations with luxurious equipment.

Staying in Cat cha Sunrise Resort, you can enjoy many wonderful utilities below.

Swimming poolSundro fitness centerSpa, skincare, herbal bathKaraoke room


Swimming pool in Cat tía Sunrise Resort

Besides room services and these above facilities, Cat tía Sunrise Resort also offers excellent cuisine. Vo So Restaurant, located on the beach, is where you can try a diverse thực đơn of European & Asian dishes.

Let’s stay in Cat tía Sunrise Resort & enjoy your holiday!

Cat bố Sandy Beach Resort

Address: Nam cat island, Lan Ha bay, cát Hai DistrictRoom rates: from VND 1,700,000

Cat cha Sandy Beach Resort is one of the ideal resorts in Cat ba Island for relaxation, thanks lớn its tranquility. The resort is located on Nam cát Island, a small island in Lan Ha Bay, surrounded by fantastic limestone mountains. Therefore, it is highly ideal for escaping from the hustle & bustle of crowded daily life and enjoying yourself.


Cat cha Sandy Beach Resort

The resort possesses 25 bungalows situated on the beach, with classic wooden furniture and large windows. There are three room types for you lớn choose from, Superior, Deluxe, & Family bungalow. All of them are spacious and have a balcony with a sea view. Staying inside the room, you can still admire the majestic view of Lan Ha Bay.

Besides, Cat bố Sandy Beach Resort recommends you with these exciting activities below.

Kayaking surrounding Lan Ha BayPlaying sports games on the beachGoing fishingCampingVisiting Cat tía National park, Viet nhị fishing village, etc.


Playing sports games on the beach

Kayaking in Cat tía Sandy Beach Resort

All of these services are available in the resort. If you would like to join any of them, let’s book with us in advance or book with the resort reservation or receptionist.

Perle D’Orient Cat bố - MGallery

Address: cát Co 3 Beach, Cat tía TownRoom rates: from VND 2,950,000

Among the resorts in Cat cha Island, Perle D’Orient Cat bố - MGallery is the most modern resort with the Indochina style. Nestled among towering limestone mountains and verdant islands, the resort welcomes you to lớn a peaceful world with great views of Lan Ha Bay & Cat ba National Park.


Perle D’Orient cat Ba

Perle D’Orient Cat ba has 121 rooms in Vietnamese houses’ style. Staying in the room, you can be relaxed & enjoy available facilities inside, such as cable TV, high-speed wifi, a safe deposit box & international telecommunication service. Let’s refer to the room types danh mục below lớn choose an ideal room for your holiday.

Classic room (47 rooms - 39 square meters)Superior room (44 rooms - 46 square meters)Deluxe room (59 square meters)Junior Suite room (71 square meters)Deluxe Suite room (72 square meter)Executive Suite room (77 square meters)President room (180 square meters)


Executive Suite room

Superior room

With two restaurants và three bars, Perle D’Orient Cat ba - MGallery provides you quality culinary experience. While Indochine Kitchen offers you a buffet with a diverse choice of dishes, AKOYA specializes in Japanese food. Rock’s Bar, Indochine Lounge, and Vitality Bar are three bars inside the resort. Let’s come khổng lồ all of them, as they are different in style and choices of drink. Besides room and restaurant services, coming khổng lồ the resort, you can also use the resort’s pools, fitness center, and spa. These services help you khổng lồ relax and enjoy maximum quietness and a feeling of complete relaxation.


Rock"s Bar

AKOYA Restaurant

Vitality Bar

Let’s refer khổng lồ those resorts in Cat tía Island above & enjoy your holiday. Lớn ask for more detailed information & reservation, please contact us at: info

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