Khách sạn bảo long nha trang

Bao Long Hotel locates at the heart of the well-known beach town Nha Trang with sea-view. The Hotel is on Hung Vuong Street (a.K.A. The Westerner Ground) on which most of travel agencies, bars, restaurants, shops & many other recreation centres are available. The one star Bao Long Hotel has a wide range of không lấy phí of charge services available khổng lồ the guests: wifi connection, travel & booking agency, visa extension, money exchange. Besides serving full services of a standard khách sạn, Bao Long Hotel has monthly residences at great competitive sầu price for the guests. The Hotel warmly welcomes our guests lớn stay here and enjoy your visit khổng lồ Nha Trang.

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I don't recommover this hotel for the poor cleaning và chất lượng. Staff was nice but the room và hotel not really. We requested a twin room since I was with my friover but they gave us a double bed. The location is good though but the city is full of tourists, especially russians.

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Judging by photos, the place wasn't quite what we expected it to lớn be, but nonetheless it was good enough. Staff seemed pretty unenthused upon our arrival but nothing we hadn't come across before. The room was all good, clean from what I can rethành viên, two beds, pretty powerful air-con, television, spacious bathroom, and a little view, the place had an elevator too! What a relief. Location was actually pretty good too, cchiến bại lớn the beach-front area và easy to lớn find your way bachồng khổng lồ, the woman working there helped us organise our bus khổng lồ Hoi An as well. Not a bad place! Despite all the reviews saying the rooms are shoddy, there are evidently some good ones too.

I moved to lớn Nha Trang for work & negotiated a good monthly rate at this 'hotel' the only condition was that I paid 4months up front. Worst decision ever. It didn't take long lớn realise what a dump this place is. My room was filthy so I cleaned it top khổng lồ bottom myself. The bed had springs digging into my baông chồng. The shower had no pressure and barely dribbled out. The h& basin leaked when used so when I washed my hands I also washed my feet! & I asked them to lớn repair it so many times but they never did. The staff seemed friendly enough but their english was terrible và simple things lượt thích asking for more nhà wc paper was a nightmare. There was a giant bees nest growing bigger every day at the top of the stairs by the sunlight. I got stung a few times & several requests to have sầu it removed later I'm sure it is still there. Numerous times I would come trang chính from work lớn find they were using my balcony to hang wet clothes of other guests of the khách sạn. The internet was very inconsistent. Sometimes ok & other times you couldn't even find the network! The air conditioner hardly worked at all. I had it set khổng lồ 17 degrees (the lowest setting possible) but most of the time it was hotter in my room than outside! There were power blaông chồng outs every night! I honestly woke up dripping in sweat every night due to no power và when I asked about them the staff blamed the government. Yet I had a friover living at a hotel just a few doors down that had no problems at all. When I complained about all of these things all I got was a insincere apology. I asked for a refund but they wouldn't bởi vì anything. I left after 2.5 months because I couldn't bare it anymore. I definitely would not recommover this horrible excuse for a hotel. The only thing it has going for it is the location - but it is completely surrounded by construction sites that work 24/7 so it is very noisy.…

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