Lao chai dan ta van village day trek dengan massage experience di sapa, vietnam


In recent years, Sapa has gradually affirmed its position with all visitors. Sapage authority is often said khổng lồ bring “the beauty of humility” convergence of the l& of heaven. Talking about all things need lớn know before travel Sapa.

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Visitors will often think of the majestic Fansipan peak, to lớn the romantic sky gate, khổng lồ the ancient stone church, to lớn the busy market … But not many people know that there are Lao Chai – Ta Van villages. A quiet & peaceful place in the heart of Sapage authority town crowded.

Where are Lao Cnhị và Ta Van located?

Lao Cnhị – Ta Van is a famous tourist destination with wild beauty located in Lao Cai province. If traveling lớn Sapa, You must visit Lao Cnhì – Ta Van villages. Where it is famous for the pure beauty of the Northwest forest. Sat goodbye lớn the bustling Sapage authority town for Lao Chai – Ta Van. One of the Top recommendation village khổng lồ visit in Sapa. The road to lớn Lao Cnhị – Ta Van is the winding road, bent. The higher và higher the fog. If you go early in the morning. You will be able to admire the beauty of wild nature with the road surrounded by thichồng layers of fog. But noon to gradually reveal a charming scene hidden invisible current behind.

You may interest homestay in Lao Chai và Ta Van village

Lao Cnhị – Ta Van: Beauty of the Northwest mountains và forests

In the autumn, Lao Chai – Ta Van dressed in a gold dress. It is the yellow of the rice fields, this image appears all over the place travel Sapa. But it is sure that Lao Cnhị – Ta Van will be the place where you can admire all this beauty. In the gentle sunshine of the autumn, the terraced fields reflect the beautiful, glittering, as well as blurring in the presence of visitors.

In the season of rice, Lao Chai – Ta Van attracted tourists far & near by the smell of asphyxia, unforgettable. It is the scent of ripe rice, the scent of the mountains, the scent of labor blending in the cool breeze here. Every time you step in, you will not be able to lớn resist the charm of these characteristic flavors.

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Lao Cnhị – Ta Van – the beauty of North West culture

In addition khổng lồ being able to lớn see the majestic nature, Lao Cnhị – Ta Van also give sầu you an interesting experience of culture here. Lao Chai is a commune located about 7km from Sapa, in the commune with many ethnic minorities living together but most are the H’mong mỏi ethnic group with nearly 100 households. They live sầu mainly in paddy rice cultivation, maize & cassava cultivation, và in the valley, hillside and hillside areas.

Next to it is Ta Van village, located in the valley of the fanciful Muong Hoa, leaning baông chồng Hoang Lien Son mountain range. In the village there are more than 40 households of Giay people. They are very relaxed, stable and prefer lớn cultivate in the lowlands. Because of this, the culture of this place is still preserved. Ta Van also worshiped the ancient Vietnamese.

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To discover the beauty of this place. You can choose to stay overnight homestay. Sure you will get experiences while living and eating with local host. Where you have chance to lớn know more about local culture & custom. At present there are many homestay are decorated pretty nice và cthất bại khổng lồ nature.

It is certainly the food of the North West Forest, made by people. Such as corn wine, wild animals … Night comes, the host will prepare everything. Such as mattresses, pillow, mosquito nets… You can have sầu fun without having to lớn worry about your room, rest. Because everything will be arranged very thoughtfully.


After relaxing & getting inkhổng lồ the cultural space of this place. The next day, you can continue your discovery tour in Sapa with many attractive sầu places. Such as the majestic O Quy Ho Pass. One of the four most beautiful pass in Vietnam giới. or you may interest to lớn visit markets. Such as very famous market of Ba Ha Sunday market. Coc Leu market, Viet-Trung border gate, Ham Rong mountain …

If you are looking for a quiet place lớn relieve sầu the stress of urban life. Lao Cnhì tourism – Ta Van is sure khổng lồ be a perfect choice for you. Hope that the information will help you have sầu a relaxing & comfortable trip with relatives, family & friends. Origin Travel is pleased to lớn be the travel companion for your travel Sapage authority Vietnam giới more perfect.

Quichồng tips

Do not give sầu money or candy for children. (mean the children they will not like to lớn go to lớn school) – If can so please give sầu them some books or pencils.Do not put camera cthất bại to their face khổng lồ take photo lớn.Best time to visit (from April, May, June, Sept, Oct)

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