The best banh mi in hoi an: banh mi phuong vs madam khanh the banh mi queen

... I can) The bread roll has 20% rice and sweet potato lớn flour which made a mê mệt...Get a mixed Banh Mi and a mango lassi và u will be in heaven.... was so flavourful và had a good amount of spice & salad khổng lồ go with it.

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According khổng lồ Ms Loc who is known as The Banh Mi Queen story, in the past, She sold Vietnamese Sweet Soups & then moved to lớn sell bread for more than 60 years. In the early days of the opening, Ms Loc’s siêu thị had no name, then a Wester after vietnamaviation.vning here khổng lồ enjoy the bread, He Named the cửa hàng brand after Ms Loc’s Husband, Mr Khanh hao. Before she opened her bakery, she went khổng lồ many famous bakeries in Hoi An to enjoy và then researched & created her own unique recipe with a signature taste. Every day, She & her family have sầu to lớn get up early in the morning to lớn prepare the ingredients for the whole day business. In addition, bread is also bought at a reputable bakery in the đô thị. it also contributes
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We walked 2km every morning from our Hotel khổng lồ eat breakfast here, even though a full Buffet Breakfast was included with our acvietnamaviation.vnmodation.We ate our way through the thực đơn and everything was delicious. The banh mi isn't too big so it is easy to lớ 2 và to lớn try different fillings each time.Revietnamaviation.vnmover pairing the banh ngươi with an iced coffee for the perfect start lớn the day.More

If you are looking for great service và great ambience, go someplace else. The only reason why you should vietnamaviation.vne here is for the Banh Mi. We tried 3 of their BanhMis but the one that we all absolutely loved was their Barbeque Pork BanhMi....I plan lớn go bachồng just khổng lồ grab another BBQPork Banh Mi.More


Tried a few banh mày places around town but this place is definitely the best. They have sầu a thực đơn lớn choose from different sandwiches but best to lớn stick to their ‘classic’. The bread itself was also good. They normally heat the bread so when you...have sầu it it’s warm & crunchy! Simply the best!More

Madame Kkhô giòn was easily our favourite bahn ngươi during the course of our Vietnam giới adventure. So much in fact that we went back for seconds the next day!We went with the "mixed" option (shared one for two as we weren't too too hungry) and...a feature cold banamãng cầu coffee. Such a nice treat on a hot afternoon. Service was prompt & helpful (we sat in but take away was an option too) và the wait time was next to nothing.More

Very good! Ate here twice in one day. I got the Mixed Banh Mi. Best I’ve had in my month long travels here in Vietnam! Would revietnamaviation.vnmover everyone to lớn give it a try. Great prices as well!

Enjoyed the bahn mày so much went there almost every day for lunch in the week we stayed in Hoi An. Quichồng service & cheap eats. Highly revietnamaviation.vnmkết thúc.

If you’re looking for the best Bahn Mi in Hoi An, vietnamaviation.vne to Madam Khanh - Bahn Mi Queen! Prices range from trăng tròn,000-30,000. I ate here multiple times and tried nearly all of the different kinds. The BBQ was my favorite. I also tried the...egg chocolate, which was interesting but tasty as a dessert. It was served in a larger bowl of hot water with the egg hot chocolate cup floating in the bowl. The consistency was thiông xã like pudding và was served with a spoon.More

Definitely the best Bahn Mi we have sầu had so far over our 4 weeks in Veitnam giới, the BBQ pork was so flavourful và had a good amount of spice and salad lớn go with it. Would say it is better than the BBQ pork at...Bahn Mi Phuong which is a tourist hotspot.More

It's a close call between Madam Khanh hao (Banh Mi Queen) and Phi Banh Mi but both are bit better than Bahn Mi Phuong which seems to lớn be the most popular place aước ao tourists.

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One of the best Banh Mi’s I have sầu ever had! It was so delicious and full of flavour and the bread and meat seemed so fresh! Would definitely revietnamaviation.vnmover.

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