The 15 best things to do in ho chi minh city

Ho Chi Minc City is an overwhelming place – và not just because of the traffic. There’s so much vày here, whether you’re a lover of history, art, cuisine, culture or nightlife. With so many great options, many travelers worry they’ll leave something out. But don’t fret, here’s what you should do.

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Nothing can compare with the charm of a river tour – lớn hear the waves lapping with a drink in hand & a cool breeze on your skin. Even if you’re on a budget, there are options, and if you have sầu money to lớn spend, this is one activity we highly recommover you splurge on. The more reputable companies offer amazing dinner and drinks packages, và on boats you have to lớn see to believe sầu. We love sầu the range of views you get from the river as well, from the skyscrapers of downtown lớn the lush jungle foliage mere minutes up the river. This is a very cool way to see this đô thị.



If you only have sầu one day in Ho Chi Minh City, make time to lớn visit this building. The elegance of this area is something to see, especially next khổng lồ the colossal trees in 30-4 Park and the colonial post office next door. The cathedral itself was built in the late 19th century, with materials imported from France, & offers a beautiful glimpse of a bygone era in this historic đô thị. And since this cathedral is walking distance from the next nhà cửa on this các mục, you can fit a lot of sightseeing into lớn one afternoon.

For history buffs, the Independence Palace, also known as the Reunification Palace, is an absolute must. This is the site of those famous images of tanks crashing through gates during the Fall of Saigon in 1975. Aside from the stunning grounds & impressive sầu architecture, the inside of this building almost feels like you’ve gone bachồng in time. You can see where the southern government operated the executive sầu branch during the Vietnam War – even the bomb bunker in the basement, where the maps still hang on the walls.

When you mix foot outside around lunchtime in this thành phố, you’ll understvà why most people vì chưng everything they can to avoid the midday sun. It’ll cook you in minutes, leaving you burnt and miserable. That’s why you should leave the best for dusk, when the sun glows orange on the smoggy horizon & the heat tapers off. For one of the best dining experiences in the thành phố, head khổng lồ Thao Dien ward in District 2 & dine along the river. There are several excellent choices, including The Deông chồng, The Boathouse and Villa Song Saigon. Trust us, they’re worth the trip.



You probably won’t leave sầu this museum feeling too good about humanity, but that’s the point. This museum is there to lớn remind us of the horrors of war. For most people around the world, the Vietnam giới War is something that happened in a faraway time và place – not for Vietnamese people, though. This museum takes an abstract conflict và shows us the real people it affected. It shows the struggles endured by the Vietnamese people. This museum plays an important role in the healing process for Vietphái mạnh, by showing visitors from around the world how the war changed this nation.

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Alright, so you’ve sầu had a somber visit to lớn the War Remnants Museum, now it’s time lớn lift your spirits again. For one of the best looks at social & dating life in Ho Chi Minch City, head lớn Nguyen Hue Walking Street. Here you’ll see families enjoying time together & young couples chatting away, taking more selfies than you ever imagined possible. This is a scene lớn behold at night, when thousands of people come to lớn mingle & enjoy a cool, downtown evening, surrounded by some impressive sầu architecture: the looming Bitexco Tower, the wall of cafes at 42 Nguyen Hue, the statue of Ho Chi Minh và even the old colonial đô thị hall.

Despite the massive sầu influx of new vehicles, Vietphái mạnh is still a motorbike nation – so get out of the xe taxi & onto lớn two wheels. There’s no other way khổng lồ really feel the manic vitality of this mega thành phố – and no other feeling can quite match the raw adrenaline of flowing along in crazy traffic. But driving in Saigon is also lethally dangerous, so let the professionals vày it for you. There’s many tour companies with experienced drivers who are also fluent in English. You could head out on your own, but we highly recommkết thúc you let someone else drive until you underst& how the traffic flows here.

Most of the items on this các mục are front and center in every travel guide, but not this one. New Japan Town in Q.Bình Thạnh District is a hip & upcoming area in one of this city’s coolest wards. Little Tokyo in District 1 is more famous, but we’re huge fans of Little Japan. It’s where Japanese entrepreneurs are setting up siêu thị these days. There are so many interesting little bars and restaurants in this area, whether you’re looking for Japanese or Vietnamese. As development continues to lớn change this đô thị at a crazy rate, look no further than the nearby Vinhomes Riverside Central Park, this is one area that still feels lượt thích authentic Saigon. To find the area, explore north of where Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh Street almost touches Trường Sa Street, near the canal.

If you find that the streets are too hectic for your liking, escape the madness by elevating your evening. There are so many excellent rooftop bars, so you’ll probably have sầu a hard time deciding. If you’re in the backpackers area & don’t want to stray too far, The View is exactly as advertised. But if you have sầu some extra money khổng lồ spend and want one of the best experiences in the thành phố, kiểm tra out EON51 in the landmark Bitexco Tower. To see most of the better options, go khổng lồ this article and check out the section on rooftop bars.

When the night is winding down & the respectable places are shoving you out the door, you’re just in time for the peak weirdness of Bui Vien. This notorious stretch of lewd behavior never shuts down, and even if you want nothing to bởi with the seedier aspects of Bui Vien, this street is a sensory overload that’s worth taking in at least once. There are fire breathers, strange foods, sidewalk bars, dubious mát xa parlors, beady-eyed “friends”, gangsters & enough bars khổng lồ keep you hopping all night long. Keep your phones và cameras in safe places, though, as this is also the petty crime capital of Vietnam giới.

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