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Located in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Siem reap & minutes away from the magical temples of Angkor Wat, Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat offers an upscale, plastic free, & luxury khách sạn in a peaceful paradise. Family-owned wellness resort in Siem Reap with 28 rooms và luxurious suites, Navutu Dreams is famous for its personalized service and authentic local touches. After a busy day exploring Siem Reap, Angkor Wat & beyond, retreat baông chồng lớn eco-chic Navutu, where three luxurious outdoor pools are situated in lush gardens full of palm trees, bougainvillea và frangipani flowers in our Siem Reap paradise.

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With 28 luxurious rooms và suites in our wellness resort, Navutu offers a true luxury experience. The rooms are dotted throughout more than one hectare of gardens allowing each room the luxury of space và privacy. Every room has been decorated with tribal art and textiles unique khổng lồ Southeast Asia & complemented by colors inspired by the Mediterranean, a nod khổng lồ the heritage of our Italian owners.

Visiting Angkor Wat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience & our team can arrange a visit to this mystical temple by tuk tuk, oto, bicycle, vintage jeep or even to lớn see it from above sầu by helicopter. Aside from Angkor Wat, there are hundreds of other temples to lớn see but as Siem Reap is evolving, it is becoming so much more than “temple town”. Experience our barefoot luxury & practice yoga, recharge your body toàn thân from the inside out, nurture yourselves and find calm and inner peace in our wellness resort.

All guests at Navutu are greeted with a complimentary fresh welcome drink, a platter of seasonal tropical fruit with refillable glass bottles và a souvenir on arrival. All rooms are also equipped with complimentary coffee and homemade tea with eco-friendly toiletry kit. Book directly with Navutu and you will also be entitled to exclusive offers & packages.

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At Navutu Dreams, we create the dream holiday for you. Our team prides itself on being a family and we look forward to lớn welcoming you to your home page in Siem Reap’s only luxurious wellness resort. Take time to slow down and relax by one of our three luxurious swimming pools with a freshly made healthy juice khổng lồ detox and be pampered with spa treatments khổng lồ relax mind, body toàn thân or soul.

Located on the outskirts of Siem Reap town is a beautiful family-friendly luxurious wellness resort, Navutu Dreams. Our wellness resort boasts the largest green space of all Siem Reap hotels and resorts, offering well-appointed accommodations và a rejuvenating eco-friendly holiday. We are a plastic-không tính tiền khách sạn in Siem Reap và we make sure all our guests take part of our endeavors in creating a better environment.

★★★★★Gorgeous Little Hideaway khổng lồ Recharge & RelaxNavutu Dreams was our little oasis in Siem Reap. It was about a 10-minute tuk tuk ride inlớn the middle of town, but far enough away that you really felt like you were in the "real" Cambodia.The grounds themselves were really lush & exactly what you would want of an "oasis" getaway. There were 3 beautiful pools (which were often very quiet or even empty during my stay) & SO much beautiful greenery (which was very well kept).

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