Nghỉ dưỡng nha trang

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Thành viên tiên tiến nhất trong gia đình InterContinental ở việt nam là InterContinental Nha Trang, nơi trưng bày trên Đường trần Phú khét tiếng của tp Nha Trang. Our room was stunning.Breakfast was amazing, so much choice.Staff were so willing khổng lồ help và in abundance but most of the time things get lost in translation & as a result I saw a lot of wasted food & drink on incorrect orders including our own which is not good to see.


Mia Resort Nha Trang 5 sao này cung cấp các buổi tập yoga miễn mức giá trên bãi tắm biển vào nhà Nhật và thương mại dịch vụ xe điện gửi đón bao quanh chỗ nghỉ. Outstanding experience. Place one in a kind. Location, quality, staff - excellent.


Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang mang đến một chỗ trú ẩn bóc biệt bên trên Đảo Hòn Tre. ở dọc theo bãi tắm biển Nha Trang, khu vực nghỉ mát bên bờ biển này có spa nằm cùng bề mặt nước và khoanh vùng bãi biển lớn riêng. The spa làm đẹp was outstanding. Getting mát xa next to the sea while hearing the waves rolling in just next khổng lồ you - too good! The mas sa therapists were great - when one of us had a headache one day, they immediately picked up on it and offered a specialized massage. The other staff of the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp were also top-notch và made sure me & my partner could use one of the sauna/jacuzzi facilities by ourselves. The spa gets a clear 10/10.Pool and beach are very nice and relaxing areas. As for the gym, the equipment was okay; staff great; location & view fantastic. The room we stayed did not feel brand new, but everything was in good shape. Comfortable bed và seating. Decent desk for doing some work. Good shower. There was some miscommunication (our fault) when we ordered room service one time, but the staff very gracefully let us get away with our mistake of ordering four pastas instead of one. :) Breakfast buffet was tasty & with a good selection. We tended to lớn eat the western dishes, but there were also Vietnamese/Korean-style. It was very pleasant to have breakfast outdoors next to the pool.We had also asked the khách sạn to organise our transfer to lớn the airport, and this was handled very smoothly without feeling too expensive. Normally this would have been a major headache for me, but now we were able to relax completely during our last day. Since we had to check-out before breakfast due to an early flight, the khách sạn also had prepared a good take-away breakfast for us.Although the khách sạn is on the expensive side, I went away thinking it was definitely worth it. The staff treated us beyond well, và we enjoyed three extremely relaxing days.

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