Top 10 night markets in vietnam


The markets are a bustle of noise và energy, with friendly food sellers calling out their menus, stallholders calling out their wares, and crowds of curious onlookers, shoppers, and diners mingling together in the night air enjoying the infectious energy that abounds from night markets.

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One of the “must-go” in South East Asia is definitely the night markets, and Vietphái mạnh is not an exception. You can expect lớn visit exotic, vibrant, historic, and modern places when you plan lớn join our Vietnam giới holidays.

Vietnam giới opens a new world of unimaginable beauty offering the perfect setting for any adventure. However, until today, just a few places boast a good range of nightlife. If you are looking for a fancy night out but not at a bar or coffe, there are night markets bringing out urban culture, with colorful stalls & great food livening up the city"s scene. At night, these roadside markets really come to life và create an exciting atmosphere that is loved by both locals and travelers.

Let’s look through the most well-known markets from North to South khổng lồ know more about lively and chất lượng night market culture in Vietphái mạnh. Happy shopping!

1. Night market in Hanoi Old Quarter


People looking for their favorite items at some stalls

Hanoi night market which can be found a few minutes from Hoan Kiem Lake và is a part of the weekend Walking Street, opens on Friday, Saturday và Sunday from 6 p.m. khổng lồ around 11 p.m. The market stretches from Hang Dao Street lớn Dong Xuan Market, creating a long walking road of nearly 3 km. For the night market, these streets are blocked off to motor traffic. The market is mainly made up of vendors selling under a line of tents pitched in the center of the street. On both sides, there are vendors & stores selling their stuff, making for a very interesting scene. The range of items on sale is varied and seems to lớn go on & on; you’ll find everything from souvenirs lớn clothes and bags và food. The night market in Old Quarter is not only a place for shopping but also for tourists to lớn immerse inlớn the exciting atmosphere & feel the featured culture of Hanoi.

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2. Ha Long Night Market


A corner of Ha Long Night Market

Ha Long is famous for the bay with magical scenery. Everybody toàn thân has dreamed of a cruise trip through thousands of limestone islands & overnight on a junk boat. However, Ha Long thành phố is also worth exploring. Ha Long Night Market, located near Bai Chay Beach, is a nice place khổng lồ find wooden products, bags and purses, accessories, souvenirs, & locally made clothes. The night market includes more than a hundred stalls, some offering crafts along with more typical souvenirs. There are also a number of vendors selling food, offering opportunities lớn sample the local cuisine. It’s open seven days a week from 6 p.m. until midnight.

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3. Hoi An Night Market


The night market of Hoi An mix beautifully by the riverside

Evenings are a special time in Hoi An when lanterns are all lit up. If you are up for nighttime shopping, you can cross the bridge over to lớn An Hoi islvà where a night market is phối up selling everything from silk lanterns to lớn beaded necklaces. Hoi An Night Market really seems to appeal lớn people from anywhere, it is indeed one of the most beautiful night markets. Just always keep in mind lớn bargain whenever you cửa hàng here.

4. Nha Trang Night Market


Night Market on Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang

When people talk about Nha Trang Night Market, generally it is usually the one on the walking street next to lớn the cultural center at 46 Tran Phu as this is the largest night market in Nha Trang. From 7 p.m., the street is full of locals. Marketspace is relatively large và quite clean. From gorgeous fabrics and hand-crafted jewelry to Kkhô giòn Hoa’s specialties lượt thích salangane nests, aloe wood, dried seafood, there are lots of choices on offer. There is also a really nice beach-front walk with plenty of bars & cafes for grabbing a drink & watching activities outside.

5. Am PhuNight Market in Da Lat


Am Phu Night Market is a great place for food

Those who have a chance khổng lồ visit Da Lat should not miss a popular attraction in the thành phố downtown with a special name Cho Am Phu (Hades) Market. The market’s name was born in the days when there was no lighting system in the area. In spite of its horror name, the night market brings an extremely bustling atmosphere. The market with diverse products is open from 5 p.m. onwards. There are not many things lớn buy at this night market, the most comtháng products found here are clothes, souvenirs, dried và candied fruits... However, this place is a food paradise. From a distance, tourists still can recognize the market with delicious flavor from food spreading in the air. A popular treat for young people is Banh Trang Nuong (grilled rice paper cake) which is also called “Vietnamese pizza”. Other highlights are warm fresh soymilk và artichoke tea. The perfect combination with these drinks is delicious homemade cakes.

6. Ben Thanh hao Night Market


Pop-up restaurants at Ben Tkhô giòn night market

The bustling thành phố of Ho Chi Minc has a vibrant & lively nightlife và buổi tiệc nhỏ scene.In the evening, from 6 p.m. till midnight, along the roads just outside Ben Tkhô nóng Market, they cthua down the traffic and open them as a night market with a few restaurants và souvenir shops. This is one of the main night markets in Ho Chi Minc City. The market operated well inlớn the evening and also features stalls selling clothing, jewelry, & other items. Basically, the night market is a scaled-down version of the day market with more seafood meal options. All restaurants và stores are opened, canopies and sign go up, stoves, barbeques, tables, & chairs come out, & carts filled with all kinds of food appears. Just after dusk, there are groups of people rolling all these things to lớn the market.

7. Dinc Cau Night Market in Phu Quoc


Very obvious entrance lớn the night market

Dinc Cau Night Market in Duong Dong Town is a downtown hub. Locals và visitors gather here for great shopping, food, and drinks. The market is just down the street from Dinh Cau (Cau Temple). The night stalls are opened at about 5 p.m. and wind down around midnight. There are hundreds of stalls, each has an eye-catching display of jewelry, crafts, or souvenirs. The most chất lượng goods at Dinh Cau Night Market are the jewelry made from local pearls, shells, & natural stones. All the pearl products sold here are locally sourced và they will be great souvenirs or gifts for friends & family. This is also one of the most affordable places lớn sample seafood. Stalls are overflowing on the road with fresh seafood. So, just take your pick from the selection of fish, sea snails, crabs, and scallops. Prices are mix and clearly displayed, so there"s no need khổng lồ bargain.


Stalls are overflowing with an abundance of freshly caught seafood

The night market is definitely Vietnam’s cultural beauty. They offer a window to lớn see the lifestyle of local people & sample the authentic street food. A great night market is loud, noisy, packed with people, and filled with exciting things to lớn see, buy, và, most importantly, taste. It is something everyone should experience. Therefore, when you plan to visit Vietnam, make sure you will have one or two miễn phí nights in the schedule for a visit to lớn the night markets!

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