How to travel from puerto princesa to el nido


El Nivị is well-known for one of the best isl& hopping experience in the world. Whether you book a tour package or explore on your own, you won’t be disappointed with El Nido’s gorgeous beaches, coral reefs and colorful lagoons.

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What is the best way to lớn get from Puerto Princesa khổng lồ El Nido?

Puerkhổng lồ Princesa is located in the center of Palawan. To travel the 260km distance from Puerto Princesa lớn El Nibởi vì, you can either take a van or a bus. The journey takes between 5.5 to 8 hours & fares start at 430 PHP ($8.50).

Van or Bus?

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Van5.5 hours560 PHP ($11)Cheông xã van tickets
Bus6.5 hours430 PHPhường ($8.50)Cheông chồng bus tickets

We recommkết thúc lớn take the van from Puerlớn Princesa to El Nido for more comfort & more choices in departure times. It’s a bit more expensive than the bus, with rates starting at 560 PHP ($11). But we think it’s more than worth it.

The bus is the cheaper option starting at 430 PHP.. ($8.50). However, travel time can take longer (6.5 khổng lồ 8 hours) as they don’t always take the highway. Also, the bus can be a bit uncomfortable with all the twists & turns.

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PRO-TIP: Can’t get enough of the beaches and beautiful Islands? Then consider adding Coron to lớn your itinerary too.

Own experience: When I travelled to El Nido, I decided khổng lồ take the van from Puerkhổng lồ Princesa lớn El Nivì & try out the bus on the way bachồng. I expected the bus would be less bumpy & offer a bit more comfort, but that was not the case. The roads are quite narrow and there are quite a lot of turns. This means the bus will shake even more than the van. Next time I’d rather take the van on the way back as well.

Looking for more info? We got you covered!

Itinerary from Puerto Princesa khổng lồ El Nido

VanPuerlớn Princesa5.5 hoursEl Nido
Cheông chồng Tickets
BusPuerto Princesa6.5 hoursEl Nido
Cheông xã Tickets

February 21, 20trăng tròn Zac Reply

Please take down the suggestion of using Bookaway to lớn get a van. They will book through Eulen Joy Express who are a local taxi firm. Look up their review online – they are not a good company. We recently had an awful experience with them và don’t seem to lớn be the only ones! They won’t take you directly khổng lồ your hotel; they stiông chồng you in a tricycle at the kết thúc of a 5 hour van ride to lớn find your hotel. Not igiảm giá.

I just thought it would be good for people to be aware as Bookaway is a middleman & is not responsible for the unique of service after they’ve sầu booked your travel.

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