Hoi an river town hotel: 2022 room prices, deals & reviews


When I was looking for a khách sạn for my birthday trip lớn Hoi An, Vietnam, I knew I wanted khổng lồ stay somewhere a bit on the luxurious side—it was a special occasional after all—but I also wanted to lớn take advantage of the lower prices in Vietnam. Thankfully, in Hoi An, luxury can come at a very small price. A Grand Deluxe Double room at the Ann Retreat Resort và Spa (formerly the Hoi An River Town Hotel) starts at around $60 per night, yet the khách sạn has all the hallmarks of a high-end boutique hotel.

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Like all guests, my husband và I were welcomed with a cold towel, refreshing drink, & a tasty snack at check-in. Throughout our stay, staff went out of their way lớn make sure we had everything we needed, from taxis khổng lồ extra towels & bottles of water. When my husband asked them to put balloons và a sign (which he’d brought) in the room on the morning of my birthday, they even took the extra step of sending a cake up to the room—not a gestured I’d expect from a hotel at this price point.


There was a flat screen TV, in-room safe, mini-fridge stocked with fresh bottled water each day, air conditioning and a cooling ceiling fan, & blackout shades on the windows, making our room a cozy, cool respite from the steaming temperatures outside.

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On-site, the khách sạn has a restaurant, bar, two pools, spa, & fitness center. It offers cooking classes, arranges private tours, and offers laundry services (a huge pile of our clothes cost about $15 to wash và fold).


On our first day, we arrived later in the evening so opted lớn have our first meal at the hotel restaurant, seated outside with a view of the lantern-illuminated grounds, and found the food fresh, tasty, và very reasonably priced. Throughout our stay we spent several afternoons at the pool drinking và snacking và things were equally delicious, but my favorite meal at the hotel was breakfast, a massive spread served from 6:30am khổng lồ 10am that included everything from smoothies, waffles, and made-to-order eggs to congee, cao lầu, và spring rolls. While we never took advantage of it, the hotel also offers room service until midnight.


My other favorite activity: lounging by the pool gazing up at the hotel’s plantation-style facade. With two pools, neither was ever very busy, and the surrounding greenery made it feel like a quiet oasis away from the bustle of Hoi An. With excellent service, lovely rooms, and a convenient location, the Ann Retreat Resort & Spa is a fantastic value that doesn’t skimp on luxury touches.

If you go: Room rates start at around $60 per night. You can make your reservation directly with the khách sạn or at Booking.com

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