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Singapore Airlines - Flights to lớn Vietnam

Singapore Airlines is one of the international airlines that operate flights khổng lồ Vietnam.

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Singapore Airlines aircraft take off - Photo: channelnewsasia

From Changi International Airport in Singapore, there are daily direct flights lớn Hanoi, Danang & Ho đưa ra Minh City. Approximate travel time is 3 hours for Hanoi - Singapore route & 1.5 hours for Ho chi Minh thành phố - Singapore route. 

Besides the daily flights from Singapore to Hanoi, Singapore Airlines also provides daily flights from different destination in Europe, America or australia to Vietnam. However, most of these flights have a connection in Changi International Airport (Singapore) before reaching Vietnam. The prices for tickets of the ticket fluctuate from $600 lớn $2100 including tax and surcharges of the flights.

Example of flight schedule (subject khổng lồ change because of Covid disruption)


9:5012:20 Singapore-Hanoi


15:1512:20 (+1)Sydney-Hanoi
13:1505:55 (+1)Hanoi-Sydney
15:1510:55 (+1)Sydney -HCMC
13:1005:55 (+1)HCMC-Sydney
13:106:20 (+1)HCMC -Melbourne


21:2510:55 (+2)New York -HCMC
19:4510:55 (+1)HCMC - New York

Baggage Allowance For Flights on Singapore Airlines

It all depends on your departure point as each has a different quota.

Economy seat are fairly comfortable with adequate leg room - Photo: Singaporeair

Check Luggage

Singapore Airlines flights to & from destinations such as Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates và United Kingdom allow, each checked bag cannot exceed 32kg. Flights departing to & from US và Brazil allow 2 pieces maximum per person in Economy class, each of which has a limit of 23kg và 32kg respectively. Except for these above-mentioned destinations, you are allowed 20kg for each of the two checked luggage.

Carry-on Luggage

Under the policy of Singapore Airlines to lớn cabin luggage, each passenger is permitted khổng lồ carry one piece (for Economy class) or two pieces (for Suites, First & Business classes) of luggage. The weight restriction of each piece is 7kg, và the sums of length, height or width have khổng lồ be less than 115cm. However, passengers can carry some additional items on the aircraft, including women bags, purses, umbrella, overcoat, laptop/mobile phone/entertainment devices, reading material and instant foods.

Excess Baggage

If your baggage excesses the stated allowance, you will need to pay extra fee. First, you need khổng lồ recheck them for transportation, which will include both examination & registration at the check-in booth.

Singapore Airlines charges the excess baggage. The first one is zonal pricing which is used for all location excluding USA and Brazil. There are 4 bands on this policy that are applied for different countries, and the price per kilogam is from $8 khổng lồ $60 kg - the further the more expensive.

The second method to lớn calculate checked baggage fee is piece pricing, which is used for departure và arrival flights in USA or Brazil. Under this policy, the airline charges you on the number of pieces, not the weight of you baggage. Fee for checked baggage under this method can fluctuate between $85 & $165.

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Executive / Business/ First Class

The Business class on Singapore Airlines flights are among the highest rated in the world. Passengers enjoy an airy & comfortable atmosphere with more convenient and luxury equipments. Each seat on this class has more room và it can be easy khổng lồ transfer to lớn a soft and flat bed with pillow and blankets for a sleep.

Business Class on Singapore Airlines

In front of the seats are the entertainment system with one 15.4 inch LCD screen & different functions to choose such as music players, movie players or games. Furthermore, this class can serve the passengers with various meals lượt thích a restaurant on the ground, with fresh & delicious dishes made by chefs all over the world.

Another advantage for traveling in a Business Class is that the baggage allowance for this class is higher than economic class (each piece can weigh 30 kg, compared khổng lồ 20kg of the Economic class). 

Inflight Meals

You may be served a light snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on your flight hours.

Singapore Airlines is complimented for its in-flight good service. Most passengers are pleased with high unique meals which are not only delicious but also have various options to choose from. Food is well spiced. Seasonings put with adequate amount makes its just right taste for customers. Fish dishes và fried rice are two recommended dishes. You may like the tender fish with sauces combine with a side of fried rice.

Singapore Airlines business class meals with strong focus on sustainability and green concept - Photo: 

Especially, if you are flying with Singapore Airlines during Chinese New Year occasion, a special Chinese New Year menu is available. Prepare yourself to lớn indulge in a Chinese New Year lunch/dinner party with dishes you may never try before. Another good point is food is served with right temperature( not too cold or not too mouth-burning). Chicken is said to be tasty and one of the favorite’s dishes. Salad with oriental dressing may bring customers a new pleasant taste for their meals.

Singapore Airlines has some minus points in their meal service. Glass is said to be too small lớn save thirst. Besides, if you are a peanut lover, you may be unhappy with Singapore Airlines because they serve no peanuts in their meal service. For economy class, không tính tiền champagne is no longer available.

Singapore Airlines Safety Record

It can be said that Singapore Airline is one of the most reliable air corporations in the world right now. During its 28 years of operation, the airline had only three serious accidents, none involved the route that includes Vietnam as a departure or destination.

Singapore Airlines Contact

In Hanoi

Address: 17 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Operating Hours: 8:00am khổng lồ 5:30 pm, closed on Saturday, Sunday & Holiday

In Ho chi Minh City

Address: Suite 101, Saigon Tower 29 Le Duan Street, District 1 

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