Sol an bang beach resort & spa

Sol is a lovely place to lớn stay while visiting Hoi An with the beautiful beach right next khổng lồ it! The staffs were very attentive and helpful & their breakfast is indeed wonderful!

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Good food, enthusiastic, gentle, friendly staff. However, when I put it on the app, I saw a room of 36m2, but when I noticed that the baby's room was probably only >20m2. (Because I have a baby, when I booked the room, I was very attentive lớn the area, but I was disappointed). The light is too dim, not very suitable for homes with small children.
Very wonderful, the resort is very beautiful & quiet. The staff are friendly and enthusiastic. Maybe I will come here to lớn rest more next time,

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Rooms are clean, fully furnished, new và beautiful furniture. Only thing I think should be aromatherapy, hanging scented bags or something so that the room has a faint scent will be even more wonderful. In addition, the resort has delicious juices. Breakfast is also varied. Staff are very enthusiastic. Will be back as soon as possible

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