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Sapa is a little hill station hiding itself at the base of the Hoang Lien Mountain Range in the North West of Vietnam. Sapa is 1,500m above sầu sea cấp độ và covered in clouds most of the time. The town enjoys a cool climate all year round and the area about the town is inhabited by 7 ethnic groups whose life has been unchanged for centuries và whose cultures are intriguing khổng lồ the visitors.

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The French came khổng lồ Vietnam & built Sapa inlớn a mountain resort in the early 20th century. There are still some French villas left in town beside many new luxury hotels & resorts, while most others were destroyed in the 1979 Chinese invasion of Vietnam.

Sapa has a temperate climate with two seasons per year. The rainy season is from May through November & the dry season is from December to April. During the rainy season, some walking paths may become too muddy for village tours; traveling at Sapa during this time, be prepared with raincoat or ponchos whenever you go out for your daily tours, as the rain may come any time.

Sapage authority Town - Vietnam

Sapage authority is a popular tourist attraction for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors alượt thích thanks lớn the cool climate, the colorful ethnic groups và the breathtaking mountains. Traveling to lớn Sapage authority, you can have sầu an easy sightseeing tour visiting the ethnic villages to lớn learn about their life or join a adventure tours trekking from one village khổng lồ another. There are ethnic households providing homestay lớn the adventure travellers; the accommodation conditions are really rustic though.

Blaông chồng H"ao ước girls

Tourist Highlights in Sapa1/ Mount Fansipan of the Hoang Lien Mountain Range is 3,143m above sea level which is the summit of Vietnam. The landscape of the mountain is pure và sublime. The get lớn the top of the mountain, you can take a cable oto ride or take a two or three day hard trekking tours. The trekking adventures should only be made during the dry season.

The Hoang Lien Mountain of Sapage authority - Vietnam

2/ The O Quy Ho PassThis is the highest mountain pass in Vietnam at 2,000m in altitude. O Quy Ho is 10km from Sapa Town và can be visited for 2 hours by oto or motorxe đạp. O Quy Ho offers spectacular of the nearby mountains in Lai Chau & Lao Cai.

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The O Quy Ho Pass in Sapage authority Vietnam

3/ The Ham Rong MountainThe mountain offers khổng lồ the visitors orchid gardens, rock gardens and breathtaking views of Sapage authority Town from high above sầu. Visiting the mountain takes 3 hours và the trip involves hiking on steps. There are daily ethnic cultural shows on the mountain top.

A view from the Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa

4/ The Cat Cat Waterfall và Silver WaterfallThe Silver Waterfall is near the O Quy Ho Pass, 8km from Sapage authority Town.The Cat Cat Waterfall is deep in the Muong Hoa Valley which can only be visited by two or three hours’ hiking. The landscape on the way between Sapa & Cat Cat are captivating and tourists normally spkết thúc half a day easily around here. Efforts are required as the paths are steep. There are steps near the waterfall.

5/ The Muong Hoa ValleyThe Muong Hoa Valley is in its most beautiful time when the rice terraces turn inlớn yellow colors (late September, early October). The walk in the valley is easy & the scene is impressive sầu. The Muong Hoa Valley is trang chính lớn three ethnic communities: Giay, Blachồng Hý muốn, Dao.

The Muong Hoa Valley in Sapa

6/ Ethnic VillagesNeedless lớn day, the ethnic cultures và their villages are ahy vọng the most attractive things that Sapage authority offers. The villages are often located amid beautiful natural settings and the costumes that local ladies wear are gorgeous. You can visit Cat Cat, Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ta Phin,… lớn name a few. There are chances of staying with local families during your visit that you’ll have really engaging experiences.

The black H"hy vọng People in Sapa Vietnam

Accommodations in Sapa include mini hotels and luxury boutique hotels many of which offer spectacular mountain views. Accommodations are always in the laông xã at weekkết thúc và during the high tourist season.

From Hanoi, you can take a 5-hour trip by private car to Sapa via the highway or an eight-hour overnight train journey to Lao Cai. The roads are in good conditions, the train sleeper carriages are simple but clean. Train tickets may be scarce in the periods: May-September & October – April.

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