10 best dishes you must try in hanoi


My latest trip lớn Hanoi had been a fantastic experience. Probably because it was my first time in Vietnam. There were so many new things to lớn discover và learn about as well as new eating places lớn explore and new và unfamiliar food to try.

Vietnamese food has always been one of my favourite cuisines & this Hanoi eat-venture had really given me a completely new màn chơi of understanding/appreciating what the essence of the Vietnamese food culture was about. Truly inspiring.

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I have so many ideas running in my head now, that I’m going khổng lồ try recreating these dishes in my kitchen and I will of course tóm tắt the recipes with all of you later on.

My Hanoi travel series had stretched well over 2 months’ worth of blog posts. And I thought it would be helpful to vị a recap on all the drool-worthy eats I had while in Hanoi as well as the best places that serve up these dishes. For those of you who are considering a holiday in Hanoi, read on so you can start planning your food-hopping adventure.
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