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*Fares displayed have sầu been collected within the last 48hrs và may no longer be available at time of booking. Additional fees and charges for optional products and services may apply.

Can Tho – To the southwestern capital

On the right bank of the Rear River, Can Tho is the most vibrant và thus a hub of the southwest. A visit lớn Can Tho definitely involves drop-ins of vast paddy fields, crisscrossing canals & rivers, hectic floating markets, exuberant orchards và old mansions of the southerners. Visitors lớn this city will be welcomingly seated aboard boats to listen khổng lồ mellow chants, notably sung through farm work or boat rides, or relish quintessential & rustic treats of the southwest.

Ninc Kieu Harbor: Ninh Kieu Harbor has for long been the very landmark of Can Tho, and also a recreational commonplace for the locals. Surrounded by the fresh and floral landscape, visitors may watch in entirety the alluvial rich Rear River crisscrossed by bustling vessels, which carry aboard the bountiful trophies of the Mekong Delta.

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Cai Rang Floating Market: It takes boats 30 minutes down the stream from Ninc Kieu Harbor to lớn reach Cai Rang Floating Market, the quintessence of the riverine southwest. It’s specialized in trade of agricultural produces from the paling of the sky to 8 or 9am. On the red alluvial rich stream, vessels cram together và carry loads of fruits. Smoke soars up the sky from the broth pots of boats selling breakfast snacks.Binch Thuy Old Mansion: Given its 100-year-old lifespan, Binc Thuy Old Mansion is a chất lượng architecture that blends fin-de-siècle patterns that characterized the elite lifestyle of the Mekong Delta. The mansion harmoniously weds both Oriental và Western essences, in similitude of both a French villa & in resemblance of traditional gable and beam layouts.Southern Truc Lam Zen Monastery: For people who seek after peace of mind, Southern Truc Lam Zen Monastery is the place khổng lồ be. It’s one of the most imposing Buddhist complexes of the Mekong Delta, standing out for its red & amber shades against the lush green platform background.
Can Tho foods are quite archetypical of the southwest, notably for its ingredients of fruits và seafood. Some great fruit produces of the city should be yellow berries, wax apples, durians, Malay gooseberries, milkwood fruits, Phong Dien oranges, Hoa Loc mangoes or Ba Lang seedless jackfruits. A signature delicacy of Can Tho is definitely fish sauce hotpot. The hotpot is characterized by its svào spicy taste that blends fish sauce & local corianders, such as cabbage, water lilies, Sesbania sesbans, squash flowers, water spinaches, sensitive neptunias or aubergines… Against the vast water backdrop, it’s a great pleasure to lớn relish such an aromatic and palatable hotpot.In addition, the city also boasts various rustic snacks that keep indulging your palate, namely cống cakes, Vietnamese rice crepes, magenta plant tét cakes, blackened snakehead fish, kuy teav, roasted pork with hỏi cake, berry braised chicken, grilled snails with pepper, grilled bananas, roasted Sesamideae crabs with tamarind sauce or linc fish hotpot with Sesbania sesbans…

Can Tho tours definitely involve sầu a visit lớn its hectic floating markets of Cai Rang and Phong Dien, but can also be extended lớn Tay Do bazaar. The bazaar is well lit at night và puts on sale a variety of merchandises from fruits to clothing and jewelries lớn aquatic foods or handicrafts… On special occasions, live performances are also available.A feature of Can Tho is its exuberant orchards. Seated aboard down crisscrossing canals, visitors are overwhelmed by the sight of lush green fruit trees & succulent mangoes, rambutans, jackfruits, durians, mangosteens or longans… A glimpse at the local life is also welcome, notably “monkey bridge” walks, fruit harvesting boat ride or fishing…Don’t miss out My Khanh Tourist Village in your vacation in Can Tho. In addition to lớn orchard services, visitors may make rice sheets, brew liquor on your own, or take part in folk games, such as tree climbing, terracotta pot smashing or bag jumps, not lớn mention coracle rides, crocodile fishing, fish feeding or cyclo rides…

A flight to Can Tho lands on Can Tho Airport, around 8km northwest from the city center and it takes đôi mươi to 30 minutes to commute. Commuting is made available by bus, shuttle bus, xe taxi or motorbike services. Can Tho – O Mon bus route is hailed on Le Hong Phong Road và available from 5.30am to lớn 6.30pm for VND5,000/passenger. Taxis & motorbikes are hailed at the terminal gate & charge from VND100,000 lớn 150,000/ride & VND60,000/ride, respectively. Airport shuttle buses typically charge you VND200,000/ride.

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