The 49 best things to do in sydney in 2022


There are so many amazing không lấy phí things to vì in Sydney, Australia’s most popular city và the heart of New South Wales! These are a few of our favourite!

For most travellers who visit Australia, their big trip Down Under starts in Sydney. The country’s most populated city is truly beautiful, with a stunning skyline, captivating harbour, world-class beaches & top-quality museums.

Sydney is also very multi-cultural, giving it a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

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It can be very overwhelming for the first-time visitor lớn get their head around what to do in Sydney.

With so many epic attractions, where should one start? và unfortunately, australia is not a cheap destination.

So for anyone backpacking in Sydney it can be pretty difficult khổng lồ figure out what activities won’t break the bank.

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Free Things to bởi vì in Sydney1) Go On A không lấy phí Guided Tour14) kiểm tra Out Some MarketsSydney Travel GuideCheap Transport In Sydney

Free Things to bởi vì in Sydney

Even though we know Sydney well, every time we return we always find new things to lớn do.

This time around we decided to lớn base ourselves in the city và try lớn explore the best ways to spend a few days without handing over much money.

After a few days of research, we figured it out. We’ve put together this great guide on 16 things to vị in Sydney at no cost – from taking a không tính phí walking tour of the thành phố to checking out an awesome art gallery khổng lồ hiking around the beaches & everything in between.

From the Royal Botanic Gardens, to lớn the Museum of Contemporary Art, to lớn Darling Harbour, Centennial Park, and không tính phí walking tours, there are so many không tính phí attractions in Sydney city.


1) Go On A không tính phí Guided Tour

Just like elsewhere around the world, there are some great places to find a không tính tiền walking tour in Sydney. It is a perfect way lớn learn about the city’s history & get some secret insider tips from a local.

If you’ve ever been on a không tính tiền walking tour in Europe then you know exactly how they work. You join an organised group at a designated meeting spot & walk around for 2-3 hours or so with a couple of breaks in between.

There’s no cost to join a walking tour. But at the end of the guided tour, you can leave a donation at your discretion. In Sydney, there is usually a walking tour in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Make sure you wear good walking shoes!

Here are two companies that provide không lấy phí walking tours around Sydney, và they operate every day:

I’m không lấy phí SydneyTimes: 10:30 & 14:30 (Sydney Tour)18:00 (The Rocks Tour) Meeting Point: Town Hall Square (Sydney Tour)Cadmans Cottage (Rocks Tour) miễn phí Tours SydneyTimes: May – October: 10:30November – April : 10:30am và 14:30 Meeting Point: Near Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park every day at 10.30.Look for a tour guide in an orange t-shirt.

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2) Take A Stroll Through The Queen Victoria Building

The beautiful Queen Victoria Building was built in 1898, and over the years has evolved into a whole bunch of different things:

The Sydney Markets, a concert hall, the city Library, offices for the city Council.

At one point it was nearly demolished, và today is a vibrant complex that is occupied by 150 retail stores, cafes & restaurants over 4 floors.

Queen Victoria Buildingis xuất hiện from 09:00 to 18:00 daily. The best way lớn enjoy it is to simply have a coffee & take it all in. If you need it there is không tính tiền Internet now available inside.

If you are still interested in the building & its history, you can join a tour for AU$15 per person, and it is about 45 minutes long.

The tour starts at 11:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. Just go & see the Concierge Desk on the ground floor.

Another great thing to bởi vì isto explore the rest of the building & head up to level 3. Up here you can see the two clocks chime every hour.

The Royal Clock shows scenes of English royalty from King John signing the Magna Carta to lớn the execution of King Charles I. This clock chimes on the hour from 9 am until 9 pm.

The Great Australian Clock includes 33 scenes from Australian history seen from both Aboriginal & European perspectives.

Hours: Monday – Saturday:09:00 – 18:00Sunday và Public Holidays: 11:00 – 17:00Location: 455 George Street (Next to the Town Hall)Nearest Train Station: Town Hall

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3) Get Lost In The Royal Botanic Gardens

One of the best things to bởi in Sydney is to take a walk through this is a stunning garden, escape the hustle và bustle and smell the flowers, literally.

The Royal Botanic Gardens are located near the Sydney Harbour Opera House và has someof the best views of the city and Sydney Harbour.

If you are really into plants or want khổng lồ find out more about the gardens, check out the Royal Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre.

There are even không tính tiền guided walks from the centre, or you can follow a self-guided tour.

The Royal Botanic Gardens are a Sydney must-see!

The hours are different every season, but the Gardens are open every day. Check out their website for the most accurate hours.

Nearest Train Stations: Martin Place or Circular cù

4) vì chưng the Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk

If you’re the kind of person who loves getting outdoors, then Sydney is a perfect place for you!

One of the best things to vày in Sydney is khổng lồ just go out and explore all the amazing hiking trails that wind their way around the city.

The one that should not be missed is the famous Coogee to lớn Bondi walk that follows the coastline. This gorgeous hike goes for 6km & connects some of Sydney’s most famous beaches.

There are epic views, funky cafes, pretty parklands, secluded coves and of course white sand beaches to lớn swim at.

It actually starts in Maroubra & ends in Bondi Beach. But you can vày it in either direction (we recommend finishing in Bondi).

It isn’t a strenuous hike, but make sure you bring water with you. There are plenty of places you can fill up your water bottle along the way too.

If you want to make the most of this epic beachside location, why not decide lớn stay at Mad Monkey Hostels right on Coogee Beach? It’s the newest & most epic hostel in Sydney!

Getting There: Take a bus khổng lồ either Bondi Beach or Coogee Beach

Note: There’s no direct transport connecting Bondi and Coogee. Take bus 313 or 314 between Coogee and Bondi Junction.From the city take a train lớn Bondi Junction.


5) Hang Out At Manly Beach

While Bondi Beach is by far the most famous beach in Australia, we personally believe Manly Beach is much, much better (which is why we tell everyone to lớn go there when recommending the best beaches in Sydney).

On a hot day (and especially on a weekend) you will find quite literally thousands & thousands of people spread out all over the place at Bondi, whereas Manly has a much more chilled vibe & better opportunities to escape the crowds.

The appeal in Manly is the absolutely beautiful setting,with clean yellow sand, towering trees, a fun boardwalk and amazing cafes and restaurants the entire length of the beach.

The Corso is the pedestrian mall that leads up khổng lồ the beach, with tonnes of great shops và galleries in every nook & cranny.

Manly is also the best jumping-off point lớn explore more of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which is one of the nicest places in all of New South Wales.

Make a day of it và head over on the ferry. And our tip – it’s better khổng lồ learn khổng lồ surf in Manly than Bondi. A great day trip from Sydney.

As all beaches are không lấy phí in Sydney, other cool spots to check out include Palm Beach, Shelly Beach, or any of the beaches in the Royal National Park.

Location: North Steyne Road, ManlyGetting There:Jump on board the ferry from Circular Quay to lớn visit Manly. This also gives you a great opportunity lớn experience the sensational views of Sydney Harbour from the water.

6) Walk Through Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a gorgeous green field spread out over 40 acres right in the heart of Sydney. It’s also the oldest public park in the city!

Hyde Park is surrounded by some of the best things to vày in Sydney, such as St Mary’s Cathedral (below) và the Archibald Fountain in the centre of the park.

On a sunny day, you can find lots of Sydney-siders chilling out on their lunch breaks, feeding the birds và just relaxing.

Location: Elizabeth StreetNearest Train Stations: Museum Station or St James Station

7) Admire The Architecture Of St Mary’s Cathedral

The St Mary’s Cathedral on College Street at the end of Hyde Park is the oldest church in Australia.

The idea for the church was first developed when Captain Arthur Phillip settled in nước australia back in 1788, but it wasn’t until 1821 that construction first began.

The original St Mary’s Cathedral was actually destroyed by fire in 1865. In 1868 the new church started lớn be built but became an ongoing project that didn’t finish until 2000.

Today with its spectacular Gothic-style design & prominent location, it is a wonderful place to lớn visit.

Make sure you go inside to kiểm tra out the stained glass panels và huge pipe organs. The entrance doesn’t cost anything, which is why it’s on our không tính tiền things to vì in Sydney guide.

Hours: Monday to lớn Friday: 08.30 – 17:00Location: In the heart of the CBD on St Mary’s RoadNearest Train Station:St James Station

8) Listen to lớn The Buskers At Circular Quay

Sydney sightseeing isn’t complete without a visit khổng lồ the Circular tảo at the heart of Sydney Harbour.

Circular xoay holds the title for being Sydney’s most Instagrammed place.

This sensational harbourside location is constantly buzzing with people who bask in the unrivalled views of the Sydney Opera House & the Harbour Bridge.

It is also the spot lớn jump on a ferry lớn Manly, North Sydney or Darling Harbour.

Besides the huge number of cafes and restaurants around Circular Quay, one of our favourite things to vị in Sydney is enjoy the Aboriginal music that the buskers play during the day.

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Every time we walk around the area we stop by next to the piers and listen khổng lồ the hypnotising sounds of the didgeridoo from the very talented indigenous musicians who hang out.

If you’ve got some coins in your pocket make sure you leave a donation. Or if you’re really in love with the music you can buy their albums.

Otherwise enjoy the splendid atmosphere that Australia’s traditional instrument creates.

9) Wander Around the Sydney Opera House

Alongside the Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House is Sydney’s most famous landmark.

Perfectly located on Bennelong Point at the over of Circular Quay, the Sydney Opera House has epic views over the harbour & towards the bridge.

Designed by award-winning Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House was officially opened on the 20th of October, 1973.

It is one of the most famous performance halls in the entire world, và more than 1.2 million people attend concerts, plays, theatre shows and symphonies at the venue every single year.

Getting up close lớn this work of art is a wonderful experience, và one of the best things to vày in Sydney và all of New South Wales.

If you’re interested in going inside the Opera House, there are a whole range of amazing tours you can do. If not, just admiring from the outside is one of the best không tính tiền things to vị in Sydney.

Location: Bennelong Point, Circular QuayNearest Train Station:Circular Quay

10) Enjoy an Art Gallery

The fact that you can enjoy some of the most amazing art galleries in the country without spending a dime is awesome!

Both the Art Gallery of New South Wales và the Museum of Contemporary Art nước australia are completely không lấy phí to enter.

Each art gallery is very different & hugely fascinating.Even if you are not an art lover, just take a little peek inside and you will be surprised.

The Art Gallery of NSW is a collection of modern, indigenous và contemporary art displayed in a super cool classical-style building, founded in 1871.

The Museum of Contemporary Artis a funky building down by the water near Circular Quay.

Some of the exhibits vì require an entrance fee, & these change every few months. It’s worth checking to lớn see what is on when you get lớn each art gallery.

Art Gallery of NSW Location: Art Gallery Rd. Near the Botanical GardensNearest Train Station:St James Station Museum of Contemporary Art australia Location: George StreetNearest Train Station:Circular quay

11) Walk Over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge costs quite a lot of money. But walking across it doesn’t cost a penny!

This is one of Sydney’s biggest icons, and definitely should not be missed!

There is a walking path on either side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge so you can enjoy different views of harbour.

The bridge was opened on the 19th March 1932 and joins the Sydney CBD across the Sydney Harbour khổng lồ the North Shore.

There are 8 lanes for motor traffic và two rail lines.

Like everyone & everything in Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has a nickname: “The Coathanger.”

This is because of its arch-based design. The arch has a whooping span of 504m và reaches 134m above sea level.

It took 1400 men eight years khổng lồ build the bridge và cost 4.2 million dollars. When you walk across it, you are surrounded by 53’000 tonnes of steel. So crazy.

Location: Sydney Harbour. Trust us, you’ll see it.Nearest Train Stations: Milsons Point Station (Northside)

12) Learn Some History at the Rocks Discovery Centre

We spent a surprising amount of time in this 3-story museum learning about the history và talesof The Rocks, from pre-European days right through to today.

In case you don’t know, The Rocks is a historic suburb of Sydney, located right on the harbour and near Circular Quay.

It used to be quite a poor, dirty neighbourhood reserved for the working class. But today it is a hip & trendy location with some of the best bars and restaurants in the entire country found inside the old, brickwork buildings.

The Rocks Discovery Centre is free, family-friendly và is housed in a restored 1850s sandstone warehouse. The exhibits are really well donemaking it feel like you are back time.

Adding to the education are sectionswith touch screens, audio and visual elements to bring history alive. We highly recommend visiting this museum as one of the great miễn phí things to vì chưng in Sydney!

Hours: open daily from 10:00 – 17:00 (closed Good Friday & Christmas Day)Location: Kendall Lane, The Rocks (enter via Argyle Street)Nearest Train Station:Circular cù Station

13) Have a romantic Moment at Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill is a very thắm thiết place lớn enjoy the sweeping panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge và Darling Harbour.

Bring some cheese và crackers and kick back while the world goes by. It is a grassy park with public artwork, a rotunda, tennis court & toilets.

It doesn’t get much better here than in the evening during sunset when the đô thị is lit up beautifully & the views are magical.

Location: Upper Fort St, Millers Point Nearest Train Station:Circular Quay

14) kiểm tra Out Some Markets

Sydney is famous for its weekend markets. & even if you aren’t in the mood to buy anything it’s always worth stopping by to kiểm tra them out.

Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

Paddy’s Markets

One of Sydney’s most popular markets where you can find unique souvenirs, some great clothes or some food khổng lồ treat your taste buds. It really does have it all.

Hours: Wednesday lớn Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00Nearest Train Station: Town Hall or Central Stations. Walk lớn the market.The Rocks Markets

This weekend market is a great place khổng lồ walk around, buy some goodies or have a coffee & take it all in.

Combine it with a tour of The Rocks and get lost wandering around the alleyways between the old buildings.

Hours: Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00Nearest Train Station: Circular QuayBondi Markets

Another great weekend market, Bondi Markets has everything from vintage clothing lớn retro furniture khổng lồ homemade jewellery khổng lồ arts & crafts.

If you want something unique & old school then this is your market.

Located a short walk from the famous Bondi Beach, you will find a vibrant, happening, festive event on the weekends.

Hours:Saturday: 09:00 – 13:00Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00Location: Bondi Beach Primary School, Campbell Parade, BondiGetting There: Get the train lớn Bondi Junction, then the 333 bus to Bondi Beach. Walk to the markets.Rozelle Collectors Market

Rozelle Collector’s Market is xuất hiện on the weekend-only as well. It is an open-air market featuring used and vintage fashion stalls và food vendors.

The market is one of Sydney’s favourite pre-loved antique, vintage và retro market. Stallholders have been selling secondhand gear here for over đôi mươi years.

As they say, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure, and we are certain you will find a real treasure here!

Hours: Saturday và Sunday 09:00 – 15:00Location: Rozelle Public School, 663 Darling Street, SydneyGetting There:Take bus routes 440, 433, 445, or any bus in the 500’s.

15) Have a Picnic in Bicentennial Park

If you are coming to nước australia then you just have khổng lồ have a picnic or a barbecue!Known as “barbies”, these get-togethers are what we Aussies vì best!

Bicentennial Park is 40 hectares of beautiful parkland just waiting khổng lồ beenjoyed. From mangrove wetlands lớn gentle rolling hills to lớn lakeside meadows & so much more, you really need to lớn go see it for yourself.

It is about an hour on the train so we recommend spending the afternoon there and making the most of it.

There are all the facilities you could ever need such as picnic shelters, không tính phí electric BBQs, playgrounds, toilets. & if you decide lớn drive there is plenty of parking.

It is a beautiful place khổng lồ get away from thebusyness of the city và take in the fresh air.

There are many paths lớn walk around & you can even take the stairs to lớn the đứng top of the Treillage Tower for a great view over the wetlands, Homebush Bay & city skyline.

If you want a break from all your walking, have a coffee or a snack at the café. If you want to get around on two wheels there is a xe đạp hire cửa hàng there for your convenience.

Do keep an eye out on their events calendar, as there are a lot of events on near the park during the year.

Hours: Daily from 06:00 – 19:30Location: Herb Elliott Avenue, Homebush BayNearest Train Station: Olympic Park Station or Concord West Train Station

16) Explore Centennial Park

Centennial Park, wedged between the cities of Sydney and Randwick is lớn Sydney what Central Park is to thủ đô new york City.

With the opportunity to lớn view various wildlife such as foxes, rabbits and a variety of birds, Centennial Park is a way to escape the đô thị without really leaving it.

You can also go horse riding if you’re interested. But that will set you back a little bit. Instead, cycle or walk through Centennial Park, stop for a picnic or cup of coffee & enjoy the day!

Sydney Travel Guide

There are many things to lớn see in Sydney as it’s a big city with a brimming cultural scene và fun outdoor activities.

From exploring a contemporary art gallery, to lớn roaming the Royal Botanic Gardens, lớn visiting the Rocks Discovery Museum, lớn strolling through Darling Harbour và Centennial Park, there are so many free things to vì here.

While being an amazing trip destination that has a lot lớn offer to lớn its visitors, Sydney is an expensive city, too.

To help you stay on budget while scoping out all Sydney attractions, we have created this danh mục adjacent to không lấy phí things to do in Sydney list.

Read below for tips on the most inexpensive ways to go around Sydney.

Cheap Transport In Sydney

When you first get to lớn Sydney, get yourself an Opal Card. This is what you will use for the buses, trains and public ferries. It is a card that you can đứng đầu up with money và use lớn pay for your fees.

You can get a card from any 7/11 or store that has the Opal symbol displayed, as well as at all major train stations in the city (Town Hall, Central, etc).

You can also đứng đầu it up from these places. By usingOpal Cardson public transport, you’ll enjoy daily travel caps and the $2.50 per person Sunday cap.

Visiting On A Sunday?

Family Funday allows you to lớn explore Sydney with unlimited travel on buses, trains & light rail for only $2.50 per person, while kids under 4 travel free.

How cool is that! Purchase tickets from news agencies, convenience stores, train & ferry ticket offices.

If you are unsure, ask the information offices or the reception at your hotel/hostel.

Have you been khổng lồ Australia’s most popular city? What are your tips for the best không lấy phí things to vị in Sydney?

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